HC Viljandi, ZRHK Tenax Dobele and HC Dragunas takes it all from this weekend

November 14, 2021

HC Viljandi, ZRHK Tenax Dobele and HC Dragunas takes it all from this weekend

After this weekend only HC Viljandi is still perfect – with nine victories in nine games. Põlva Serviti lost their second game, in this weekend, against ZRHK Tenax Dobele. Dobele secured two wins and it helped them move up to 3rd place. Also HC Dragunas Klaipede finished this weekend with four points in their pocket.  

SK Tapa – HC Vilnius      33:38 (16:18)

Rail Ageni, player of the SK Tapa
“We were struggling to get the ball into the goal because of a month break from any difficult games. But we need to understand that no one misses on purpose. We need to be supportive also in hard moments and not shake salt on the wound. Even though we got 33 goals we let the opponents make 38 goals. We need to think about that how we are playing in defense. We have a fighting spirit but the mistakes we make leave a negative mark on the game. We will keep our heads up and try to do better next weekend.”

Best scorers:
SK Tapa – Berezhnyi 7, Saar 5, Oganezov 4, Ageni 4, Oolup 4, Rattel 3, Morgenson 3, Palmsalu 1, Koppelmann 1, Jaanis 1
HC Vilnius – Žala 10, Drevinskas 6, Petronis 6, Urbonas 6, Milaknis 5, Lapinskas 4, Makačinas 1

Viljandi HC – VHC Šviesa Vilnius      27:22 (12:12)

Kristo Voika, player and coach of the Viljandi HC
“It was a really, really tough game. We didn’t have a video from yesterday’s game, so we didn’t know what to expect. We had some “picture” of them, but it was not the perfect picture. We went to the game with good spirit and were ready for the fight. It was an aggressive game, their goalkeepers were at the top level today, also 6-7 players were always dangerous and ready to use any chance. It was tough, the first half was a “point by point” game. We lost speed in our attack, we could not win one on one situations, we missed 500% shots in the first half, that was bad. The second half we started with a really good attitude, and got that win. After the game I talked with the guys, they were completely exhausted, the game was full of speed and really aggressive. But at the end we are satisfied, we played as a team and got the result.” At the end Kristo added a greeting to all dads: “Happy Father’s Day all the father in handball world, in BHL. Congratulation guys!”

Best scorers:
Viljandi HC Koks 6, Voika 6, Varik O., 4, Varika M., 4, Ruut 3, Pertelson 1, Koovit 1, Drogin 1, Maasalu 1
VHC Šviesa Vilnius
Rasakevičius 5, Pleta 4, Ugianskis 4, Drabavičius 4, Markiavičius 1, Sinkevičius 1, Palevičius 1, Bernatavičius 1, Švilpa 1

ZRHK Tenax Dobele – Põlva Serviti          33:32 (19:18)
The game was intense and exciting. The two teams started the game similarly, and the result of the game increased gradually, although the Latvians were able to gain a four-goal lead, until the end of the first half, Põlva reduced the difference – 19:18. The second half was similar in terms of scenario – Dobele ‘run away’, the Estonian ‘catching them’ and although the last attack of the game was at the disposal of the Estonians, they were unable to score and ZRHK Tenax Dobele celebrated the victory with the result – 33:32.

Sandris Veršakovs, coach of the ZRHK Tenax Dobele
“We made the maximum – both home games were won and four points secured. The course of Saturday’s game created a situation where I could afford to rest the main players to save their strength for Sunday’s game. I had identified the game against Põlva Serviti as the central game of this week. Põlva Serviti was expected to use their ability to counter-attack whenever possible. We successfully passed this pace for the whole 60 minutes, it also gave the result a game – both teams threw together for almost 70s. We tried different defensive tactics – both passive and more active, each player was given their own role, and each did his best in the time allotted to him. Each contribution was what forged our victories. Thanks to the team for the fight and we are getting ready for next weekend.”

Ülljo Pihus, player of the Põlva Serviti
“Another tight game today. We played better than yesterday, our teamwork in defense was a little bit better than yesterday. Such point in point games can go both way, unfortunately today it did not go our way. The season is long and everything can still change. We will continue to train, next weeks will be very important with EHF European Cup Round 3 games against Saratov and culmination of the first part of the season will be Estonian Cup Final 4. We will take positive from this weekend and keep our heads high.”

Best scorers:
ZRHK Tenax Dobele – Miķelsons 6, Tuminskis 5, Kreicbergs 5, Ērmanis 5, Kurzemnieks 4, Pančenko 3, Arājs 2, Juzups 1, Ozoliņš 1, Šuleiko 1
Põlva Serviti –  Sillaste 6, Rudissaar 5, Varul 5, Chezlov 4, Celmiņš 4, Hiiend 3, Reban 3, Kase 2

Raasiku/Mistra – Granitas-Karys Kaunas               22:25 (7:15)
Granitas-Karys Kaunas started the game confident and did not give Raasiku/Mistra a chance to break the game, after first 10 minutes already 6:1. Until the end of first half Lithuanians almost doubled the difference in the result – 15:7. In the second half Raasiku did a comeback, five minutes until the end of the game they were losing only by two points, but the time run out and Granitas-Karys secured their 5th victory in this season.

Best scorers
Raasiku/Mistra Naumenko 7, Vare 4, Padjus 2, Slastinovski 2, Sokorovich 2, Keskkula 2, Aus 1, Varik 1, Annula 1
Granitas-Karys Kaunas Šarkauskas 8, Jovaišas 4, Kairys 4, Feoktistovas 4, Jurkevičius 2, Dambrauskas 2, Monvilas 1

HC Dragunas Klaipeda – HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper    38:23 (16:13)

Gintaras Cibulskis, coach of the HC Dragunas Klaipeda
“Today we had a completely different game, I did not like the first half, on court we did not do what we have planned to do, that is way the first half was tough and we won only by two points. The second half was another game, defense was better and in attack we were much efficient. Overall I am happy about this weekend, we secured four very important points to us.”

Best scorers
HC Dragunas Klaipeda
– Plakhotin 7, Lapiniauskas 6, Butkus 5, Bucius 4, Draksas 4, Hlushak 3, Savicius 3, Palskys 2, Biknius 2, Naghavialhosseini 1, Lobcuk 1
HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper –  Gumianov 8, Seermann 4, Vilks 4, Normak 2, Mamporia 2, Kreegimaa 1, Benstrom 1, Liedemann 1