2nd round: the first derby of the season and the semi-final match will be repeated

October 20, 2022

2nd round: the first derby of the season and the semi-final match will be repeated

9 matches will be held in the Baltic Handball League (BHL) this coming weekend. The weekend matches will be hosted by Lithuanian and Estonian cities.


The TOP match of the 2nd round will take place in Lithuania. VHC Šviesa will meet with Polva Serviti. There will be a repeat of last season’s semi-final. Last season, Polva Serviti defeated Šviesa all three times. In the semi-final the Estonian team won 27:26, in the regular season Polva Serviti won 32:26 and 29:23.

Kalmer Musting (coach, Polva Serviti):
“Last season we won all three times against Šviesa, but the matches were always very close. Now there is a new season and a new story. It is difficult to say who is the favorite for the match. This will be our first game of the season. The opponents will have an advantage as they will play at home. I hope that the match will be tough and interesting.”  

Žygimantas Sinkevičius (coach, VHC Šviesa):
“Polva Serviti is the favorite to win the BHL championship title. Polva Serviti is a well-balanced team with many equal players. One of the best players of the Estonian national team, Jurgen Roba, returned to the Polva team. The opponents have more than one player of the Estonian national team. We are preparing for this game and we hope to show a good handball. Our strengths are goalkeepers and quick counter-attacks. If we manage to play well in defense, we will have chances to counterattack.”


The BHL will host the first derby this season. SK Tapa/N.R Energy will host another Estonian team HC Tallinn. These teams met in the Estonian Championship a month ago. The Tapa team won 32:29.

Risto Lepp (coach, HC Tallinn):
“Tapa is a clear favorite. They are playing very well at home. Our young team will fight against everybody. But we have to admit that against Tapa it will be our 3rd match in 6 days. We played two Estonian Cup 1/4 final matches this week also. So the question is do we have enough power to fight with them till the end.”

Elmu Koppelmann (coach, SK Tapa/N.R Energy):
“We are favorites a little bit because we are playing at home. The teams are equal and the outcome of the match will depend on how the players follow the system. We have trouble to realized our chances. Sometimes we lose our mind and don’t score in a good clear chances of scoring situations. We won against HC Tallinn in the Estonian Championship. It was an equal match and only at the end of the match we gained the lead.”

Support your team in the sports hall or watch BHL matches online:

Group A

1.Viljandi HC22005948114
3.ASK Zemessardze/LSPA00000000
4.HK Ogre/HYDROX00000000
6.HC Dragunas20024656-100

Group B

1.SK Tapa/N.R Energy21106350133
2.VHC Sviesa2110595723
3.Põlva Serviti1100362882
4.HC Amber21014557-122
5.HC Tallinn20025154-30
6.ZRHK TENAX Dobele10012836-80