A Clash of Champions: Dragunas vs. VHC Sviesa

February 23, 2022

A Clash of Champions: Dragunas vs. VHC Sviesa

Yes, you read it right: a Clash of Champions. The current champions of the Baltic Handball League, Dragunas Klaipeda, welcome the Lithuanian champions, VHC Sviesa Vilnius, to their home. The games between these teams have always been worth more attention than usual, but with the playoffs on the line, this duel is even more interesting and unpredictable, which only adds to the excitement for the spectator!

It is worth hoping that both teams come into this match in top form. Not only is it an important game for chasing the BHL playoffs, but it is also the last preparation before the Lithuanian Handball Federation (LHF) Cup Final Four this weekend. Both teams will participate in the Final Four, and the Lithuanian port city team will also be looking to defend their title as the current LHF Cup champions.

Benas Butkus (Dragunas) shared his thoughts about the upcoming game.

What are your thoughts before the game against VHC Sviesa?

The whole team is thinking only about winning. VHC Sviesa is a familiar opponent, and we know it will be a tough fight. Therefore, it will take all our efforts to achieve victory.

What is the situation with the players on the team, is everyone ready for today’s game?

The situation within the team is good; we have no serious injuries. Maybe there is some fatigue from the number of matches, but we have to adapt.

You have won 4 of the last 5 games. How satisfied are you with your team’s current form?

After the New Year, our team’s form fluctuates a lot. We have suffered heavy defeats and dropped important points. On the other hand, the last three matches have been successful, and we hope to continue that today.

The first encounter between the two teams was won by VHC Sviesa. What will the main points of today’s game be?

Defence will be the main focus. At the moment, this is where we have the most problems. We are conceding a lot of goals. So if we can sort out the defence, I think everything should be fine.

Tomas Bernatavicius, captain of VHC Sviesa, also shares his thoughts on today’s game.

What is the attitude of your team going into the game versus Dragunas?

The attitude is upbeat; the team appears to be a little tired as a result of the hectic schedule, but that is the case for everyone these days, so there are no excuses.

Are you going to the game at full strength, with all your players?

We are going to the match without a few of our core players, so it will be a great opportunity for those who have played less.

What will be the main emphasis in today’s game?

The main objective is, of course, to win, and in order to do so, we must play with complete focus, maintain concentration and aggression in defense, and capitalize on the opportunities we have in attack.

A win would secure your place in the playoffs. Does this thought motivate you more or do you try not to think about it?

For the time being, we are just concerned with the upcoming matchups and boosting the game’s quality. The most important thing, of course, is to keep healthy during this trying time.


DateLeagueHome teamResultAway team
10.10.21Baltic Handball LeagueVHC Sviesa35:29Dragunas
11.04.21Baltic Handball LeagueVHC Sviesa30:33Dragunas
28.03.21Lithuanian LeagueDragunas28:31VHC Sviesa
06.09.20Baltic Handball LeagueVHC Sviesa36:26Dragunas
11.12.19Lithuanian LeagueVHC Sviesa26:32Dragunas