Another fully booked weekend with 12 games ahead of us

October 8, 2021

Another fully booked weekend with 12 games ahead of us

Another fully booked weekend with 12 games ahead of us. Leaders Viljandi HC are going to play two games against Lithuanian teams – Granitas / Karys Kaunas and Varsa-Stronglasas Alytus, but Polva Serviti two games against Latvian teams – SK Latgols Ludza, which has not won this season, and HK Ogre with one victory against SK Tapa. Although both teams are favorites in these games, we are looking forward to an interesting set of games. This week, a group of four teams will play mutual matches in which any of the four games can be interesting and unpredictable – HC Vilnius against HC Dragunas Klaipeda and ZRHK Tenax Dobeles and VHC Šviesa against the same two teams.

14:00HC Kehra/Horizon – SK Latgols LudzaKehra
14:00Varsa-Stronglasas – SK TapaAlytus
15:00HC Vilnius – HC Dragunas KlaipedaVilnius
17:00VHC Šviesa – ZRHK Tenax DobeleVilnius
17:00Granitas-Karys – Viljandi HCKaunas
18:00Põlva Serviti – HK OgrePõlva
14:00HC Kehra/Horizon – HK Ogre Kehra
14:00Granitas-Karys – SK TapaKaunas
14:00Varsa-Stronglasas – Viljandi HCAlytus
15:00HC Vilnius – ZRHK Tenax DobeleVilnius
15:00VHC Šviesa – HC Dragunas KlaipedaVilnius
16:00Põlva Serviti – SK LatgolsPõlva


Vaidas DrevinskasHC Vilnius42585
Aleksandr PatsykailikHK Ogre41606
Rail AgeniSK Tapa41696
Deividas JovaišasGranitas-Karys 35576
Martynas LapinskasHC Vilnius32355
Nedas BuronkoVarsa-Stronglasas 32534
Rihards LejaHK Ogre29516
Paulius ŠarkauskasGranitas-Karys 28536
Skirmantas PlėtaVHC Šviesa 27415
Gintautas AdamkevičiusVarsa-Stronglasas 27416