BHL season 2021/2022 has officially started – first game day

September 4, 2021

BHL season 2021/2022 has officially started – first game day

Today with six games new season of Baltic Handball league has officially started. It has been day full of games and we have first winners – Viljandi HC in Estonian duel, great comeback for VHC Šviesa Vilnius and safe win for Põlva Serviti, Granitas – Karys, ZRHK Tenax Dobele and Varsa – Stronglasas Alytas.

14:00     SK Tapa – Viljandi HC 23:28 (13:11)
This game was an Estonian duel. It was aggressive and game full of 2-minute suspension. After first half SK Tapa has a small lead 13:11, but Viljandi HC was not giving up. 20 minutes before the end of game they scored 4 goals in a row and was already leading 17:18. After that Viljandi HC continued to increase their lead. Five minutes until the end signal of game it was 25:22. At the end game was not so tense anymore, Viljandi HC made a few easy goals and game result – 23:28 Viljandi HC.

Best scorers:
SK Tapa – Ageni 5, Rättel 5, Kosmirak 4, Saar 3, Jaanis 2, Trofimov 2, Vassiljuk 1, Morgenson 1
Viljandi HC – Koks 6, Varik M. 5, Lopp R. 4, Vari O. 4, Maasalu 3, Voika 2, Pertelson 1, Koovit 1, Lopp Mi. 1, Lopp Ma. 1

15:00     VHC Šviesa Vilnius – HC Kehra/Horizon 25:23 (10:16)
HC Kehra started very well – with 7:1 lead. That allowed them feel comfortable during first half of game. Closest were they let VHC Šviesa was 14:10, 2 minutes before the end of first 30 minutes. After that they scored 2 more goals, and in break teams were going with – 10:16 HC Kehra. In second half team VHC Šviesa slowly but steady decreased the difference. 14 minutes until the end of game Šarūnas Ugianskis scored his 3 goal and reached 20:20. Second half was an amazing come back for team VHC Šviesa. Two minutes until final whistle it was 23:23. VHC Šviesa scored 7m penalty shot (24:23), but on the other side of court HC Kehra was not so successful. Team from Lithuania managed to score one more goal. Game result – 25:23 VHC Šviesa.

Žygimantas Sinkevicius, Coach of VHC Šviesa
“The first match of the season was nervous, which is perfectly normal as we don’t play a serious match for a long time. To this day, I appreciate the game positively, because we won 2 points, the quality of the game will come with time.”

Mart Raudsepp, Coach of KC Kehra
“We started game with very good first half, defense and worked very good. We had not many players with us today, so players got tired. After good first half we got tired and Šviesa put more tempo on us, our attack lacked leadership and that cost us the game. Overall we gave good fight and got some good experience for younger players!”

Best scorers:
VHC Šviesa Vilnius – Pleta 10, Sinkevičius 5, Ugianskis 3, Bernatavičius 2, Ramunis 2, Drabavičius 1, Palevičius 1, Markiavičius
HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper – Yankovski 7, Guimanov 7, Benström 3, Normak 2, Vilks 2, Seermann 1, Soikka 1

15:00     HC Vilnius – Põlva Serviti 27:33 (13:15)
This game started with the goal scored by Põlva Serviti, but their lead was not for long. Teams scored one goal after another and no team could gain some difference in result. Five minutes until the end of first half Põlva Serviti manage to take over lead and gained four goal lead – 10:14. Result after 30 minutes – 13:15. Although until the middle of second half game was interesting and teams were close to each other, Põlva Serviti used all their chances and in last 8 minutes scored 7 goals against HC Vilnius 4 goals. End result – 27:33.

Karolis Kaladinskas, coach of HC Vilnius
“Until 52. minute everything was fine, but then we experienced a shortage of strength resources and we lost the match because of our own mistakes. The score was 23:23, then the opponents made a run of 10:3. Anyway, it was the first match in a new format, in a new season. Some players just burned out. They looked good in trainings and in the preparation tournament, but we didn’t get any results from them today. It’s a pity. Tomorrow few our key players, may run out of strength, so it is very important for some players to move on and show a better game. We are looking forward to a new fight tomorrow.”

Best scorers:
HC Vilnius – Drevinskas 13, Urbonas 6, Lapinskas 4, Raudonius 2, Milaknis 1, Žala 1
Põlva Serviti – Silaste 8,Hilend 6,Uibo 5, Pihus 4, Kase 3, Varul 3, Muuga 2, Sarapuu 1, Chezlov 1

17:00     Rassiku/Mistra – ZRHK Tenax Dobele 26:31 (14:15)
The first half was very similar, both teams played equally well and neither of the teams managed to gain a serious advantage. After 30 minutes played – 14:15. Second half started with small ZRHK Tenax Dobele break out, which they continued until the end of game. Great come back after injury succeeded by Austris Tuminskis, he scored 9 goals and helped his team win this game – 26:31.

Best scorers:
Rassiku/Mistra – Sokorovich 6, Nerut 4, Naumenko 3, Slastinovski 3, Kopli 3, Anton 2, Aus 2, Annula 1, Kalvet 1, Kessküla 1
ZRHK Tenax Dobele – Tuminksis 9, Šuleiko 7, Kreicbergs 5, Arājs 3, Pančenko 3, Krastiņš 2, Miķelsons 2

Sandris Veršakovs, coach of ZRHK Tenax Dobele
“The start of game and the first half of game was really nervous. It was noticeable that we haven’t had games for some time. Too many mistakes and they costed us lost easy goals. But in second half everything changed and the game and result turned on our side. We came here to win. It was important for me that we play as a team not only in offensive, but also in defense. We did a good job and we are going home in a good mood.”

17:00     Granitas/Karys Kaunas – HK Ogre 35:27 (16:15)
Game started with a great Granitas/Karys lead (6:2), after eight minutes played. It took HK Ogre six minutes to come back – after 14 minutes played and Rihards Leja scored shot – game result – 8:8. The other half of first period was more interesting for spectators, both team were playing effectively and in first half managed to score 31 goal. In break Granitas – Karys went with 1-point lead – 16:15. The second half was on Granitas/Karys sign, they scored 7 goals without any answer from Ogre and that let them “run a way” in result – 30:22. Last three minutes were only formality – 35:27.

Best scorers
Granitas/Karys Kaunas – Jovaišas 5, Lazauskas 5, Šarkauskas 5, Kairys 5, Feokistovas 4, Tomkevičius 3, Jurkevičius 2, Dambrauskas 2, Pijus 2, Gurskis 1, Monvilas 1
HK Ogre – Lazdiņš 8,Patsykailik 6, Lielais 5, Leja 3, Bauze 2, Haisa 2, Čikuts 1

18:00     Varsa – Stronglasas Alytus – SK Latgols Ludza 32:23 (17:10)
This game did not bring any surprises, as SK Latgols came only with ten players. Already after 15 minutes in first half Varsa – Stronglasas had five goal lead. They were using they experience and fact that they have longer bench. After first half of the game – 17:10. Although SK Latgols were trying to fight back, of course with ten players it was not easy to do. Varsa – Stronglasas continued to play their game and kept the team at a safe distance from opponents. Result – 32:23.

Tadas Stankevicius, player of Varsa – Stronglasas Alytus
“First of all thanks to team SK Latgols, they came only with eight players, but gave as a good fight. For as it was first official game of this season, we had a pretty good preparation for this season, our team played good, but still we have a lot of things to improve. Now we have to keep our focus for tomorrow’s game. Season will be long and we have to stay fit and healthy.”

Egenijus Gimbutas, assistant coach of Varsa-Stronglasa
„Victory in the first match is good. Chance to play with big rotation and our young players was fine. Third thing – tomorrow we have a next match with maybe stronger Latvian team in Alytus.”

Andrejs Naņickis, coach of Latgols Ludza
“All I can say that last game we had in May, we did not play any friendly game or tournament, that is noticeable on court. Also because of Covid, we couldn’t come today in our best lineup. On court there was two adults all others were youth players.”

Best scorers
Varsa – Stronglasas Alytus – Petrušauskas 6, , Micevičius 6, Stankevičius 5, Eidukonis 5, Babarskas 3, Lastauskas 2, Adamkevičius 2, Tumasonis 1, Čepulis 1, Grebliūnas 1
SK Latgols Ludza –
Matvejenko 7, Rancāns 4, Seņkāns 4, Malahovs 3, Strazds 3, Kodaļevs 1, Rozenbergs 1