End of the Regular Season in Group B: A Goal Scoring Record

February 27, 2023

End of the Regular Season in Group B: A Goal Scoring Record

The BHL regular season is over. Pölva Serviti has already secured first place in Group B. Second place went to the ZRHK TENAX Dobele team. The SK Tapa/N.R Energy club had a chance to catch up with the Dobele team. However, the Estonian team did not have a successful weekend. In Matchweek 8, the SK Tapa/N.R Energy team lost both away games in Lithuania.

HC Amber – SK Tapa/N.R Energy

HC Amber – SK Tapa/N.R Energy 32:31 (13:17)
Amber – Shymanchuk 7, Tsitko 6, Aukštikalnis 5, Stvolas 4.
Tapa – Oolup 8, Berezhnyi 7, Rättel – 5.

Lauri Lande (player, SK Tapa/N.R Energy):
Immediately at the start of the game we became the chasers. We took the role of a chaser because we weren’t able to complete our attacks and the defence was weak. However, we were able to get ourselves together by halftime and went ahead with a few points. We knew going into the game that the game would be even and the second half proved it to be true.

HC Amber – SK Tapa/N.R Energy

Serhii Sedchenko (player, HC Amber):
It was a very tough match. Not everything went well, but we fought until the end of the game. I would like to thank the team and the coach for the victory.

In the other match on Saturday, VHC Šviesa defeated the group outsider HC Tallinn. Šviesa’s player Mantas Urvikis became this season’s scoring record holder with 18 goals.

Mantas Urvikis (VHC Šviesa – HC Tallinn)

VHC Šviesa – HC Tallinn 38:27 (20:13)
Šviesa – Urvikis 18, Ugianskis 5, Palevičius 5.
Tallinn – Shcherban 13, Kütt 4.


The most important Group B match of Matchweek 8 took place on Sunday. VHC Šviesa and Tapa fought for 3rd place in the group. The Lithuanian champion Šviesa defeated the SK Tapa/N.R Energy team and finished third in the group.

VHC Šviesa – SK Tapa/N.R Energy

VHC Šviesa – SK Tapa/N.R Energy 31:27 (17:12)
Šviesa – Ugianskis 6, Palevičius 6, Bliuvas 6, Sinkevičius 5.
Tapa – Rättel 7, Ageni 6,
Berezhnyi 4.

Laurynas Palevičius (player, HC Šviesa):
We aimed for victory. We wanted to rank higher in the group and have a potentially easier opponent in the quarter-finals. We are happy to have won the match, but it was not an easy victory. We lacked discipline in the game, which led us to make silly mistakes. That made it harder for us to win.

VHC Šviesa – SK Tapa/N.R Energy

Rail Ageni (player, SK Tapa/N.R Energy):
The intention was to get a better place in the table but it’s always hard to play in Lithuania. The defence was the weak link this weekend- both opponents scored more that 30 goals in each game. Nevertheless, we are staying positive and the minimum goal is achieved, which is that the playoffs have been played.

The BHL newcomer HC Amber finished the season with two wins. In the last match of the season, HC Amber defeated HC Tallinn, another BHL newcomer.

HC Amber – HC Tallinn

HC Amber – HC Tallinn 35:29 (17:16)
Amber – Tsitko 6, Ivanchenko 6, Sedchenko 4, Shymanchuk 4.
Tallinn – Shcherban 9, Gumianov 4, Kütt 4.

Ernestas Stvolas (player, Amber):
The match was a close one. This shows that we are a young team with room for improvement. We are newcomers in the BHL and we aim to improve our play.

Quarterfinals pairs:
Pölva Serviti – Granitas-Karys Kaunas
ZRHK TENAX Dobele – Dragūnas Klaipėda
VHC Šviesa – Mistra
SK Tapa/N.R Energy – Viljandi HC.

Group B

1.Põlva Serviti108023412726916
2.ZRHK TENAX Dobele107032942692514
3.VHC Sviesa106133113001113
4.SK Tapa/N.R Energy105143042752911
5.HC Amber10307261315-546
6.HC Tallinn100010248328-800