Granitas-Karys wins against Varsa-Stronglasas

November 25, 2021

Granitas-Karys wins against Varsa-Stronglasas

In Baltic Handball league there is short break because of EHF European Cup games, where also two teams from BHL are qualified to play in the 3rd round. Those teams are Pölva Serviti from Estonia as well as ZRHK Tenax Dobele from Latvia. Latvians are going to play two games in Greece against A.C.PAOK, on 26th and 28th of November, but Estonians are playing in Russia against SGAU – Saratov on 27th of November, the other game is going to be played on 5th of December in Pölva.

Meanwhile there is one BHL game played yesterday – Varsa Stronglasas Alytus against Granitas-Karys Kaunas. Already in the first half of the game Granitas-Karys secured three goal advantage and finished the 1st half in lead – 18:15. Second half they managed only increase the difference and won the game with the result 32:26.

Eugenijus Gimbutas, assistant coach of Varsa Stronglasas Alytus
“Congratulations to the team Granitas. Today we did not succeed. The main reason we lost today was the amazing game of opponent’s goalkeepers.”

Varsa Stronglasas Alytus – Granitas-Karys Kaunas             26:32 (15:18)
Best scorers
Varsa Stronglasas Alytus – Grebliūnas 4, Adamkevičius 3, Micevičius 3, Babarskas 2, Lastauskas 1, Čepulis 1, Petrušauskas 1, Eidukonis 1.
Granitas-Karys Kaunas – Jovaišas 14, Šarkauskas 4, Kairys 4, Feoktistovas 3, Gurskis 1, Lazauskas 1, Vilutis 1, Monvilas 1