Group A: Latvia – Lithuania 1:3

November 14, 2022

Group A: Latvia – Lithuania 1:3

Latvian and Lithuanian clubs meet in the third Baltic handball league matchweek. Lithuanian clubs took three victories to home from Latvia. The hosts won once. ASK Zemessardze, Dragūnas and Granitas-Karys won their first victories of the BHL season.


HK Ogre/HYDROX – Granitas-Karys Kaunas 33:34 (17:17)
Ogre – Jomants 11, Patsykailik 6, Leja 4, Putnins 4.
Granitas – Lazauskas 8, Štarolis 8, Feoktistovas 8.

In the match between Ogre and Granitas was very tough. The result was even eleven times. The winner turned out at the end of the match.

Ogre/HYDROX – Granitas-Karys

Vaidotas Grosas (coach, Granitas-Karys): Our team has had injuries throughout this season. Due to injuries, we didn’t have many players this weekend either. We could defeat the Ogre team easily. But the fight continued until the end of the match, because our players lack the experience of such matches.

ASK Zemessardze – Granitas-Karys

Most titled BHL clubs – ASK Riga 4 time winner and Granitas Kaunas 3 time winner – meet each other at the on Sunday BHL game.

ASK Zemessardze/LSPA – Granitas-Karys Kaunas 34:29 (16:14)
ASK – Rancans 11, Kelerts 7, Ozols 4.
Granitas –
Lazauskas 7, Feoktisovas 6, Štarolis 5, Rinkevicius 5.

Raitis Puriņš (ASK/LSPA Zemessardze goalkeeper): We are so happy after our first win at the Baltic handball league. It’s our first win after getting back and competing in a league after 13 seasons. So we’re super super happy with that. And the main reason why we won is because our main problem this season been those mistakes we make. We make them way too many, so in this game we finally were able to deal with that, we played like a team, we played with a really strong defence and attack. Finally we played like a team and didn’t repeat those mistakes. We had a great team spirit and very happy results, we’re happy for what we have done and hopefully we’ll get some few more wins in upcoming games, in the BHL. 

The BHL weekend was very successful for Dragūnas team. The participants of last season’s BHL Final Four won two victories in Latvia. Dragūnas takes third place in Group A.

ASK Zemessardze – Dragūnas

ASK Zemessardze/LSPA – Dragūnas Klaipėda 24:40 (12:21)
ASK – Rancans 11, Kelerts 5.
Dragunas – Drakšas 7, Lapiniauskas 6, Odinokov 5, Šmantauskas 5, Plakhotin 5.

Ogre/HYDROX – Dragūnas

HK Ogre/HYDROX – Dragūnas Klaipėda 29:37 (8:20)
Ogre – Jomants 10, Patsykailik 9, Borodovskis 3, Putninš.
Dragunas – Korzhuk 6, Šmantauskas 6, Lapiniauskas 5, Plakhotin 5.

1.Viljandi HC4400130101298
3.HC Dragunas4202123109144
4.ASK Zemessardze/LSPA4103103137-342
6.HK Ogre/HYDROX4004122138-160