Group B: Estonian and Lithuanian derbies

November 15, 2022

Group B: Estonian and Lithuanian derbies

Three matches were played in Group B in the third Baltic handball league matchweek. The group leader Polva club won fourth victory in a row. The leader‘s closest pursuers – SK Tapa/N.R Energy and VHC Šviesa – also won.


Two Lithuanian clubs – VHC Šviesa and HC Amber – met in the capital of Lithuania. Last season’s BHL prize-winner Šviesa defeated league newcomer HC Amber.

VHC Šviesa – HC Amber

VHC Šviesa – HC Amber Vilnius 34:26 (17:13)
Šviesa – Bliuvas 9, Plėta 5, Drabavičius 5.
Amber – Tsitko 9, Sedchenko 5, Ivanauskas 4.

Karolis Bliuvas (player, VHC Šviesa):
It was a tough game and we couldn’t relax for a moment. If we just relaxed, we immediately got a goal back. It’s good that we had a longer bench than our opponents. So we kept a higher tempo throughout the whole game.

Serhii Sedchenko (player, HC Amber):
We are a new team and we don’t know each other well in the field yet. We made mistakes both in defense and attack. We fought as hard as we could but Šviesa played better.

HC Tallinn – Põlva Serviti

HC Tallinn – Põlva Serviti 21:39 (9:20)
Tallinn – Sccherban 13, Männik 2, Kalev Kütt 2.
Põlva – Varul 8, Sillaste 7, Timmo 4.

ZRHK TENAX Dobele – SK Tapa/N.R Energy

ZRHK TENAX Dobele – SK Tapa/N.R Energy 25:31 (11:16)
Dobele – Kurzemnieks 5, Kreicbergs 4, Pančenko 4, Usāns 4.
Tapa – Lees 7, Kosmirak 5, Ageni 5, Saar 4, Oolup 4.

Madis Valk (player, Tapa): Today’s game turned out very well considering we had a long and tiring bus ride behind us. Despite that everyone was in a good spirit and had a good feeling before the game. Of course, the game had its ups and downs but one thing that was crucial for the game was the guys wanted to win and that helped us to keep our momentum.

Group B

1.Põlva Serviti4400156110468
2.SK Tapa/N.R Energy431012798297
3.VHC Sviesa531116015647
4.ZRHK TENAX Dobele4103117125-82
5.HC Amber5104123163-402
6.HC Tallinn400495126-310