Group B Leader Pölva Serviti Won for the Sixth time in a Row

December 19, 2022

Group B Leader Pölva Serviti Won for the Sixth time in a Row

There were four games in the BHL Group B in Matchweek 4. The Pölva Serviti club scored two victories and became the leader of the group. VHC Šviesa moved up to 2nd place. The Tapa/N.R Energy team lost to the leader and dropped to 3rd place. Dobele scored an important victory, placing them among the top four teams in the group.

Pölva Serviti – SK Tapa/N.R Energy


The leading clubs Pölva Serviti and Tapa/N.R Energy met in round 5. Pölva Serviti won 39:30. This victory allowed the Pölva Serviti club to maintain its lead.

Pölva Serviti – SK Tapa/N.R Energy 39:30 (23:20)
PölvaServiti – Rooba 10, Rebane 8, Uibo 6.
Tapa – Oolup 7, Kosmirak 6, Lees 5.

Kalmer Musting (Pölva Serviti, coach):

It was a very even game in the first half. Both teams scored a lot of goals. After a break, we changed our goalkeeper and our young 18-year-old goalkeeper Andero Viljus became a real surprise. The goalkeeper’s play was one of the main factors of our victory. Another important thing was that we had more equal players and maintained a high tempo throughout the match. I am not yet fully satisfied with my team’s play, because we lack stability. We are moving forward and I hope that we will play more stable in the second half of the season.

Artur Morgenson (SK Tapa, player):

It’s always hard to play against Pölvaespecially away games. Today we couldnt stop their fastbreaks and that led to so many goals in our goal. We learn from the loss and prepare for next matchweek.

Pölva Serviti – HC Amber

Pölva scored another victory on Sunday. The group leader beat the 5th-placed team Amber.

Pölva Serviti – HC Amber Vilnius 30:19 (17:6)
PölvaServiti – Rooba 6, Kase 5, Sarapuu 4.
Amber – Sedchenko 5, Mahmoud 5.

HC Amber – VHC Šviesa

Matchweek 4 started on Wednesday with the Lithuanian capital derby. VHC Šviesa defeated HC Amber 34:28. The victory allowed the Šviesa team to move up to 2nd place. Šviesa has 9 points, ahead of the Tapa/N.R Energy team.

HC Amber Vilnius – VHC Šviesa Vilnius 28:34 (14:20)
Amber – Tsitko 6, Jančiukas 6.
Šviesa – Drabavičius 9, Rasakevičius 5, Palevičius 5.

Žygimantas Sinkevičius (VHC Šviesa, coach):

We got off a good start in the match, but then we stopped. The match was like a roller coaster. Amber is a team of the Baltic League and there are no weak opponents in this league. I am glad that we won the last match of the year.

Gintaras Paškevičius (HC Amber, coach):

We made too many mistakes. We played against the Lithuanian champions who have a lot of experience. We tried hard, but made mistakes that our opponents don’t make. We are quite satisfied with our debut season in the Baltic League so far.

ZRHK TENAX Dobele – HC Tallinn

The Dobele team scored an important victory. The Latvian champions defeated the group’s outsider HC Tallinn at home. Dobele has 4 points and ranks fourth which guarantees their ticket to the play-offs.

ZRHK TENAX Dobele – HC Tallinn 33:24 (16:9)
Dobele – Kurzemnieks 7, Juzups 7, Krūmiņš 5.
Tallinn – Shcherban 5, K. Kütt 5.

Roberts Rancāns (Dobele, player):

We didn’t start the first half as we planned. We made technical mistakes that allowed the HK-Ogre players to run into fast breaks and score easy goals. By the end of the first half, we were able to fight back and even take the lead. During the half-time break, we discussed again what we were doing wrong, and well, the game went according to plan. Glad for the fighting spirit of the team. 


1.Põlva Serviti66002251596612
2.VHC Sviesa6411194184109
3.SK Tapa/N.R Energy5311157137207
4.ZRHK TENAX Dobele520315014914
5.HC Amber7106170227-572
6.HC Tallinn5005119159-400