Group B: Leaders’ Draw and Newcomers’ Win

September 26, 2022

Group B: Leaders’ Draw and Newcomers’ Win

All Group B matches of the weekend took place in Estonia. The hosts were not hospitable to Lithuanian and Latvian clubs visiting Estonia.

SK Tapa/N.R Energy – VHC Sviesa 30:30 (15:16)
Tapa – Oolup 8, Rattel 5, Kosmirak, Ageni 4.
Šviesa – Drabavicius 7, Ugianskis 5, Sinkevicius, Bernatavicius 4.

The most tough match of the round took place in Tapa. The score was tied 15 times during the match. Sviesa started much better and was leading most time of the first half. In the second half, the hosts caught up with their opponents and overtook them. Sviesa equalized the score for 4 seconds to the end.

Rail Ageni (player, Tapa):
Overall I think we should be happy. First Baltic League game against one of the top team. Emotions are bittersweet because victory was in our hands. But that´s why we love sport. You never know that the result will be at the end. Draw seems to be fair, if we consider all 60 minutes. Defends was definitely the weakest point today, especially in the situation one on one.

SK Tapa – VHC Sviesa

Zygimantas Sinkevicius (coach, Sviesa):
We started well. We defens was good and we scored in a counterattacks. We lost the ball several times in the middle of the first half and our opponents reach us. The game was equal up to the end.  We analysed the Tapa team’s game and prepared for the match. Tapa is playing good handball, especially at home, we were defeated two years ago.

HC Tallinn – HC Amber

BHL newcomers HC Amber Vilnius started the season with a win against another newcomer HC Tallinn.

HC Tallinn – HC Amber 24:25 (10:12)
Tallinn – Gumianov, Kutt 7, Mado 5.
Amber – Sedchenko 7, Tsitko 5, Galkauskas, Mahmoud 3.

Gintaras Paskevicius (coach, Amber):
It was a tough game and succees was on our side at the end! We are really happy to win the first game of the season. Our goalkeeper made an amazing job, we are really proud of him. Other players also played great handball. There have to improve a lot of details for better games in the future.

In the second round, Tapa and Sviesa won and became the leaders of Group B with 3 points.

HC Tallinn – VHC Sviesa 27:29 (15:15)
Tallin – Barylau 8, Gumianov 7, Kippari 4.
Sviesa – Ugianskis 8, Palevicius 6, Drabavicius, Urvikis 4.

Zygimantas Sinkevičius (coach, Sviesa):
We went to Estonia to win both matches. Unfortunately, we played a draw in the first match and win the second. It is hard to get into the rhythm of the competition. Our last game was Lithuanian Handball Federation Super Cup two week before. The quality is still not good enough. We made a lot of unnecessary mistakes. The season has just started and we reache our level latter on.

SK Tapa – HC Amber

SK Tapa/N.R Energy – HC Amber 33:20 (18:8)
Tapa – Rattel 7, Berezhnyi 5, Oolup 4.
Amber – Sedchenko 6, Tsitko 5, Galkauskas 2.

Ihor Berezhnyi (player, Tapa):
I’m thankful to the team and to the coach for the game. We played well in defence and attack. We realised our coach plan in the game. I also want to thank our fans, they always support us very well.

Polva Serviti – ZRHK Tenax Dobele 36:28 (17:17)
Polva – Sillaste, Timmo 7, Uibo 6.
Dobele – Juzups 8, Suleiko 6, Pancenko 5.

The spectators saw the high quality of handball in a game between Estonian and Latvian champions. The match was equal and exciting for a long time, but at the end of the match the host team played better and succeed the end.

Polva Serviti – Dobele

Modestas Starolis (Granitas-Karys) became BHL Top scorer after 2 matches, scoring 15 goals. Danil Gumianov (Tallinn) and Hendrik Koks (Viljandi) scored 14 goals.

The next round of the BHL will take place on 22–23 October.