Group B: The Leaders’ Winning Streak Was Broken

January 16, 2023

Group B: The Leaders’ Winning Streak Was Broken

Until this weekend, Pölva Serviti was one of the two teams that had not lost a point. Pölva Serviti suffered their first defeat on Sunday. Pölva Serviti lost away to SK Tapa/N.R Energy, who moved up to 2nd place.


SK Tapa/N.R Energy became the first team this season to break the Pölva Serviti’s winning streak this season. In the Estonian derby, SK Tapa/N.R Energy defeated the Pölva Serviti team. The Tapa team now shares 2nd and 3rd places with VHC Šviesa.

SK Tapa/N.R Energy – Pölva Serviti 34:30 (17:17)
SK Tapa/N.R Energy –Oolup 11, Less 5, Morgenson 5.
Pölva Serviti – Timoo 8, Sillaste 5, Chezlov 5.

Vahur Oolup (SK Tapa, player):
Overall we had a decent game, unfortunately both teams were suffering from minor injuries so that was maybe one thing that didn’t bring out the full quality of the game. Big thanks and respect to our superfans who are always the one extra player on the field.

Henri Sillaste (Pölva Serviti, player):
Game with Tapa was tough. We knew that Tapa played well at home court. Today we did a lot of turnovers. Our defense and goalkeeper cooperation wasn’t so good. Also we have trouble scoring goals. In the end Tapa deserved to win today.

The SK Tapa/N.R Energy team lost to the ZRHK TENAX Dobele team on Saturday. Dobele ranks fourth and is close to the play-offs.

SK Tapa/N.R Energy – ZRHK TENAX Dobele 25:28 (13:15)
Tapa – Oolup 5, Kosmirak 5, Lees 3, Jaanis 3.
Dobele – Kurzemnieks 9, Šuleiko 5, Pan
čenko 4.

Marten Saar (SK Tapa/N.R Energy, player):
We didn’t play to our strengths which led to a lot of technical mistakes. There were many times when we got back in to our rhythm and as quickly as we got back our rhythm we lost it again.

Pölva Serviti scored a very important victory on Saturday. Pölva Serviti defeated VHC Šviesa. This victory practically secured 1st place in the group for the Pölva Serviti club.

Pölva Serviti – VHC Šviesa 32:24 (17:14)
Pölva Serviti – Sillaste 8, Rooba 7, Timmo 7.
VHC Šviesa – Sinkevičius 6, Bernatavičius 4, Plėta 3.

Henri Sillaste (Pölva Serviti, player):
We played well against Šviesa and we controlled the game. Defence and our goalkeepers were good. It is our main reason for our victory.

Eimantas Sinkevičius (VHC Šviesa, player):
Our plan for this match was to find our game rhythm after a long holiday break. I think our defense wasn’t bad and our goalkeeper helped us a lot but we made mistakes in our offense, some bad passes and bad decisions resulting in Pölva scoring quick goals. This led to the result we have. All in all the match was good for our preparations leading to upcoming games.

HC Tallinn – ZRHK TENAX Dobele 29:30 (14:18)
HC Tallinn – Shcherban 7, Kippari 5, Liiv 6, Kippari 5, Kütt 5.
Dobele – Krūmiņš 7, Kurzemnieks 6, Usāns 6.

Sandris Veršakovs (Dobele, coach):
As we expected, it was a tough weekend. We scored very important points in the away matches. They are crucial for us in the fight for a play-off spot.

Group B

1.Põlva Serviti87012872177014
2.SK Tapa/N.R Energy7412216195219
3.VHC Sviesa741221821629
4.ZRHK TENAX Dobele740320820358
5.HC Amber7106170227-572
6.HC Tallinn6006148189-410