Last season’s Estonian champions – PÕLVA SERVITI

September 15, 2021

Last season’s Estonian champions – PÕLVA SERVITI

As next team we are presenting the last season’s Estonian championsPõlva Serviti. This season they have started with two wins in two games. Many other teams and handball representatives have listed Põlva Serviti as one of the favorites for champions title in BHL in the season 2021/2022. They are also good motivated, because last time they won BHL is in the season 2009/2010, so they want to break this pause and get the title. Last season they finished not only as Estonian champions, but also won the 3rd place at BHL Final 4, silver medals at Estonian Cup and got some good experience also in the EHF European Cup. In this season there are few changes in team’s roster – three players left (A. Timmo, S. Sokk and M. Karuse), but two Estonian national team players joined the team – Hendrik Valur and Robin Oberg. Kalmer Musting, coach of Põlva Serviti, outlines the goals for this season:
“We have been close to winning BHL in the last couple of years, but have failed to do so. We would like to show good and stable game throughout the season and when culmination of the season comes upon us. We would like to be in fine form to grab that BHL victory. Same goes to our domestic championships and cup.” Coach highlights also the work team has done at the preparation time: “We have been training since first of July. We started with physical conditioning. We participated in two friendly tournaments – in Klaipeda and in Põlva.”

Last season at BHL – 3rd PLACE

Key players – Eston Varusk, Anatoli Chezlov, Ülljo Pihus

How would you describe your team in few words on and off the court – We put a lot of effort to defense so that we can have fast goals. I would say our defense is quite aggressive and compact. Teamwork is pretty good since the majority of the team has stayed same since last season. Off the court our team is a close-knit group. There are some funny guys who keep the spirits up. There is great respect among us, and everyone helps each other when times get tough.

How do you motivate or cheer up your team – There aren’t any spectacular tips or tricks. I try to emphasize the importance of being ready for the game. All the players should work on themselves mentally and also physically to be ready for a match.

Prediction game: who will win this season – There are many favorites to win BHL this season. Among them are ZRHK Tenax Dobele, Põlva Serviti, VHC Šviesa Vilnius maybe the most notable ones.

Team roster

Nr. 1Jürgen LepassonGK
Nr. 2Sander SarapuRW
Nr. 3Tõnis KaseCB
Nr. 4Robin ObergLB
Nr. 5Kristjan MuugaRW
Nr. 6Kermo SaksingCB
Nr. 7Markel VeikoRW
Nr. 8Otto Karl KontRB
Nr. 10Mathias RebaneLW
Nr. 11Raiko RudissaarCB
Nr. 12Eston VaruskGK
Nr. 13Henri SilasteLW
Nr. 15Arturs MeiskansPV
Nr. 18Anatolii ChezlovCB
Nr. 19Üiijo PihusPV
Nr. 20Christofer ViilopGK
Nr. 21Indrek NeemePV
Nr. 22Henri HiiendLB/RB
Nr. 23Andris CelminsRB
Nr. 24Carl-Eric UiboLB
Nr. 66Hendrik VarulPV

Head coach: Kalmer Musting
Coaches and representatives: Rein Suvi, Allar Lamp, Anu Raag, Peep Päll, Andres Neeme

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Instagram – @polvaserviti