Let’s meet – Granitas-Karys from Kaunas

October 13, 2021

Let’s meet – Granitas-Karys from Kaunas

There is a one-month break in the BHL season, so we continue with introductions – today on our plate – Granitas-Karys from Kaunas, Lithuania.

So far Granitas-Karys Kaunas in eight games have four wins. As Granitas-Karys says: “Last season result at BHL – a place that does not satisfy us” In this season they have following goals – Baltic Handball league final 4 and medals. Also LRL championship finals. They give also a short comment about the pre-season: “On July 26 day began physical preparation. Until the season team participated in two tournaments. In the first one, we did not have any goals for this tournament. It was interesting to see the general image of the team and climate. In Alytus tournament we fulfilled the goals set by the head coach Vaidotas Grosas and the first trophy of the season was in our hands.”

Key playersPaulius Šarkauskas, Manvydas Lazauskas, Deividas Jovaišas, Marius Kairys, Lukas Gurskis.

How would you describe your team in few words – We are a disciplined team. The core of the team is made up of players who have already been together and represented Granitas-Karys club. We feel a strong back and support always fore each other, so it is not scary be aggressive against our opponents. The whole team looks responsibly at the roles assigned to them on and off the court.

How do you motivate or cheer up your team – Motivation is not lacking for anyone. We are longing for competitions, victories and defeats, and most importantly for each other, which brings a really good vibe and gives a lot of motivation.

Prediction game: who will win this season – Any of all four Final 4 teams of last season plus ZRHK Tenax Dobele and Granitas-Karys ?

Team roster

Nr. 3Karolis Dambrauskas LW
Nr. 4Martynas GiedraitisLW
Nr. 5Paulius ZeringaPV
Nr. 7Lukas KraulaidysLW
Nr. 11Paulius ŠarkauskasLB
Nr. 12Lukas GurskisGK
Nr. 13Vladas Tomkevičius PV
Nr. 14Marius KairysRW
Nr. 15Tadas BučinskasCB
Nr. 16Tomas ŠvelpaGK
Nr. 17Matas JurkevičiusRB
Nr. 18Tautvydas VilutisRB
Nr. 20Karolis VideikaGK
Nr. 21Karolis GrigasRW
Nr. 24Andrius MonvilasPV
Nr. 33Eiva PijusLB
Nr. 37Deividas JovaišasLW
Nr. 44Eitvydas BalkusLB
Nr. 66Lukas FeoktistovasCB
Nr. 77Manvydas LazauskasCB

Coach: Vaidotas Grosas
Coach: Lukas Feoktistovas

Homepage – https://granitas-karys.lt
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/GranitasKarys
Instagram – @rkgranitas/