Let’s meet – HC VILJANDI

September 22, 2021

Let’s meet – HC VILJANDI

This season HC Viljandi have started with win against SK Tapa. Last season they finished 4th at Estonian championship. About this season’s goals are telling coach of the team and also a player Kristo Voika: “Our goal in this season is to win the champions title in domestic league and reach Final 4 at Baltic league. And in European Cup – getting to the next round. But that’s not the main goal, we are playing there more for the experience, because those games are a little bit different than in BHL and domestic league.” He also tells about pre-season: “Pre-season went pretty good, we worked very hard, we started at the end of July. We did not have a lot of physical trainings, because season started pretty early – European Cup game we had at the beginning of September, also Baltic league started at the first week of September. But I think we managed to do all we wanted.”

How would you describe your team in few words – Our team is well organized, we have a lot of young players, who are motivated, physically strong and they want to play handball. And we have some older players who have good experience, so we have nicely organized team. We can play the game fast, but take it also slow, if we want to. It is going to be great season.

How do you motivate or cheer up your team – Since I am new in the team, I am still learning and trying to motivate they differently, with some players you can speak more aggressively, with some you need to stay calm and you have to take it personally. But I am emotional, so I am yelling to everyone 🙂

Prediction game: who will win this season – It is a hard prediction, I am not 100% confident that we will win, but we are going to do our best, not only in BHL, but also in every league we play.

Team roster

Nr. 1Kaider KeresGK
Nr. 3Aleksander PertelsonLB
Nr. 4Kristjan KoovitPV
Nr. 7Simin DroginLB
Nr. 8Mikk VarikLW
Nr. 9Hendrik KoksCB
Nr. 10Sten MaasaluRB
Nr. 11Martin BraunLW
Nr. 12Rasmus OtsGK
Nr. 13Andrii BasarabRB
Nr. 14Robin LiinsooPV
Nr. 15Mihkel LoppCB
Nr. 16Peeter ParikGK
Nr. 20Mark LoppPV
Nr. 21Robert LoppLB
Nr. 24Oliver RuutRW
Nr. 25Volodymyr MaslakCB
Nr. 47Kristo VoikaCB
Nr. 90Ott VarikRW

Coach: Marko Koks
Coach: Kristo Voika
Coach: Rasmus Ots

Homepage – https://www.viljandihc.ee
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/viljandihc
Instagram – @viljandihc