October 8, 2022


Season in the BHL:
2nd season

BHL titles or highest place in team history:
It’s on the horizon – ready to be plucked this year! We can consider ourselves overachievers already! Why? Since, compared to last season, we have two wins in the bag already

Placed in BHL and national championship last season:
BHL – 11th place
Estonian Meistriliiga – 5th place

Team leaders and key squad changes:
We have a new goalkeeper and two additional legionnaires. All players have equal rights to be leaders and they are equally motivated to use that right at all times simultaneously as a team

Team legionnaires:
4 players from Ukraine

The average age of the squad:
20,2 years

The team’s season goals (coach Juri Lepp):
We go after a place in the top four!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arukylask/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raasikumistra/


NoNamePositionDate of birth
1Karel HermasGK1998-01-03
2Urmas RõukLB2004-04-30
3Martin KalvetCB2001-07-27
4Aron LeppikRW2005-03-27
6Ievgen Buinenkonullnull
7Marek KopliP2004-12-14
8Marko SlastinovskiRB1990-01-29
9Sander Sven AnnulaLB1997-04-08
11Arno VareCB2004-07-09
12Armis PriskusGK1999-12-03
13Enrico AntonRW1996-09-03
16Johannes PajuGK2004-10-07
17Serhii OrlovskyiLW1992-04-18
18Jurii SokorovichP1999-04-03
20Aleksander KeskkülaP1999-03-06
22Danel ŽigadloCB2002-12-10
24Vladyslav NaumenkoMB1990-04-29
38Patrick PadjusLW2003-01-26
44Martin NerutLB2000-11-21
55Rauno KopliRB2001-05-04
69Markus KaskP2001-01-25
69Markus KaskP2001-01-25
98Rauno Aus1996-09-30
 Jüri LeppCoach1958-09-25