Let’s meet – SK TAPA

October 22, 2021

Let’s meet – SK TAPA

Let’s meet – SK Tapa from Tapa, Estonia. So far Estonians have played seven games – five lost and two won games, that lands them in 11th place.

SK Tapa is pointing out all the positive and negative sides of last season: “First half of the season was okay. We had our moments in BHL, winning VHC Svieša and Granitas-Karys at home. It showed us, as a team, that we can play with everyone. Unfortunately, we struggled to get all players for away games. Negative side was that we didn´t succeed at domestic Championship. There were different reasons for that. On a positive side, we managed to get 3rd place at Estonian Cup.” With the pre-season they are quite satisfied – “We started at July with cardio and strength. August was quite busy. We had two training camps + two pre-season tournaments in Põlva and Alytus.” In this season they emphasize the experience what they can get from all games, Rail Ageni, captain of the team answers: “Experience is the key word. Most of our players are very young. BHL is giving them a chance to grow faster as a player. If we look at the numbers – we would like to be at top 8th for end of BHL season. Estonian championship goal is easy – to get on semi-finals. It´s going to be tough, but we will do our best. Most of Estonian teams are more powerful than last year. Will see.”

Key players – Every member of our team is a key player 🙂

How would you describe your team in few words – On the court – We are improving with every game. Our goal is to be fast and more aggressive. Of the court – Positive team vibe is the key.

How do you motivate or cheer up your team – I think our motivation comes naturally. Winning games will probably give us some extra boost and confident.

Prediction game: who will win this season – Well, I hate to predict, but if we look at the tournament table –  Põlva or Viljandi.

Team roster

Nr. 1Jens ÜlessoGK
Nr. 3Jan-Egert ValdmannLW
Nr. 4Aleksandr OganezovLB
Nr. 6Anti LannoPV
Nr. 7Gert TrofimovRW
Nr. 8Andreas ParveLW
Nr. 9Marek PalmsaluRW
Nr. 10Mihkel KoppelamannRW
Nr. 11Ailar PuhasmetsCB
Nr. 13Trivo VaigurandRW
Nr. 14Robin Gregor MüntserPV
Nr. 15Raimond HimmaPV
Nr. 16Madis ValkGK
Nr. 17Sten ReinvartLB
Nr. 18Artur OganezovGK
Nr. 20Rail AgeniLW
Nr. 24Hardo LevoPV
Nr. 25Aleksandr VassiljukLB
Nr. 28Marten SaarCB
Nr. 29Vahur OolupLB
Nr. 31Marcus RättelRW
Nr. 32Lauri LandeLW
Nr. 36Endrik JaanisCB
Nr. 38Ilja KosmirakRB
Nr. 44Ihor BerezhnyiRB
Nr. 46Roger MuskatPV
Nr. 70Artur MorgensonPV

Coach: Aron Jaanis
Coach: Elmu Koppelmann
Coach: Vahur Oolup

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SkTapaKasipall
Instagram – @sktapa