Matchweek 4: Group B Leaders’ Battle and Vilnius Derby

December 14, 2022

Matchweek 4: Group B Leaders’ Battle and Vilnius Derby

Matchweek 4 starts in the BHL. There will be 7 matches this week. The round will begin on Wednesday. Group B will feature a Lithuanian capital derby – VHC Šviesa will play against HC Amber. VHC Šviesa defeated HC Amber 34:26 in their first head-to-head match a month ago.


The most important matches of Group B will take place in Estonia. The group leader, the Pölva Serviti club, will play at home against the second-placed SK Tapa/N.R Energyteam. Pölva Serviti won all 4 matches. SK Tapa/N.R Energyis one point behind the leaders.

Pölva Serviti and SK Tapa/N.R Energyhave already met twice in the Estonian championship this season. Both victories went to the Estonian champions. Pölva Serviti won 32:22 away in September and 32:24 at home in November.

Kalmer Musting (Pölva Serviti, coach):

It is going to be a tough match. We have already played with SK Tapa/N.R Energyin the Estonian championship and the Estonian Cup tournament. We won the championship matches by quite a large margin, but that does not mean anything now. In the first match, the opponents were missing several players. Now both teams are evenly matched. As far as we know, all the best players of the opponents are coming. Our advantage is that we will be playing at home. However, it will be a tough fight as both teams are leading Group B. Our team still lacks a stable play throughout a match. In the European Cup tournament, we played with a Norwegian team evenly and won at home. But before that, in the away match, we were in such a hole that even a two-minute time-out we asked did not help. Unstable play is our problem.

Elmu Koppelmann (SK Tapa/N.R Energy, coach):

Pölva Serviti is a very strong team. There is a reason why they are leading the group. We lost to them twice in the Estonian championship this season. But we managed to beat Pölva Serviti in the semi-finals of the Estonian Cup. It will be hard to do it again. Pölva Serviti defeated one of the Norwegian championship leaders at home in the European Cup tournament last weekend. This says a lot about Polva’s team capacity. Our goal is to advance to the BHL playoffs. We drew against the Lithuanian champion Šviesa and won against the Latvian champion Dobele. We have a good team and leaders who lead the team to victories. We want to reach the quarter-finals and continue fighting for a place in the Final Four.

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