Matchweek 2: Lithuanians score all three victories

January 13, 2024

GrIFK Climbs to Second Place in Rankings Ahead of Final Tournament

Today was the start of women’s Baltic Sea Handball League second matchweek. Two games were played in Latvia, between Latvian and Lithuanian clubs, and a derby match between two Lithuanian teams. 

– Vilnius Eglė – REIR/Dobele SS 37:21 (20:12)

In the first game the Lithuanian team Vilnius Egle took an early lead over the Latvian team REIR/Dobele SS. In the first half Lithuanians finished with a handicap of eight goals, but at the end of the game took a commanding 37:21 victory.

“In the game we made a lot of technical mistakes. The opponent team had really good defense, so we needed to score hard goals. We weren’t able to stick to our game plan and we couldn’t do our best,” commented the best Latvian team player Elīza Bilkšte. 

MVPs: Greta Makovskytė (Vilnius Eglė) and Elīza Bilkšte (REIR/Dobele SS)

Best scorers:
Vilnius Eglė – Makovskytė 7, Ruseckaitė 7, Sadauskaitė 7, Rakauskienė 6, Nievaitė 50, Navikaitė 3, Muzikevičiūtė 2
REIR/Dobele SS – Bilkšte 8, Zarovska 3, Blažēvica 2, Reinfelde 2, Virubka 2, Buivide 1, Dumfa 1, Koņušeka 1, Šteinerte

– CASCADA – HC Garliava SM – Kaunas Žalgiris 33:29 (17:14)

The Garliavas team had a convincing start with a five-goal breakthrough. Although the Kaunas team took the lead later, at the end of the first half Garliava won with 17:14. In the second half, a close battle between the two teams ended with a four-goal victory for the Garliava (33:29).

Best scorers:
CASCADA – HC Garliava SM – Sparniauskaitė 12, Voskresenskaja 9, Bernackaitė 4, Aglinskaitė 4, Ustilaitė 3, Jakubauskaitė 1
Kaunas Žalgiris – Selivončikaite 7, Šidlauskyte 5, Dukulyte 5, Čekoulyte 5, Rupeikaite 3, Gudlinkyte 3, Narauskaite 1

– SK Latgols – VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC 19:28 (10:15)

In the third game both teams started tight, but at the end of the first half VMSM Sostines Tauras succeeded with a comfortable lead – 15:10. On the second half they managed to run away from opponents a lot more and end the game with a result of 28:19.

“At first it was a little bit difficult to play together, we made unnecessary mistakes, but we didn’t give up and kept scoring goals. Overall the game was good and opponents had less mistakes which was their advantage that leaded to win,” commented Latvian team best player Sabina Vengra.

MVPs: Dominyka Andronik (VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC) and Sabīna Vengra (SK Latgols)

Best scorers:
SK Latgols – Dergačeva 4, Krole 4, Bindemane 2, Sidorova 2, Cibuļska 2, Rutkovska 2, Kaupuža 1, Zaharāne 1, Cibuļska 1
VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC –
Andronik 12, Pilikauskaitė 10, Kulikovaitė 4, Stanelytė 2, Verbovik 1, Kaušylaitė 1

Tomorrow all teams will meet again in Dobele Sport center, Latvia.

Date/TimeTeam ATeam BResult
18:00Vilnius Eglė (LTU)REIR/Dobele SS (LAT)37:21
18:00CASCADA – HC Garliava SM (LTU)Kaunas Žalgiris (LTU)33:29
20:00SK Latgols (LAT)VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC (LTU)19:28
14:00Kaunas Žalgiris (LTU)Vilnius Eglė (LTU)00:00
16:00REIR/Dobele SS (LAT)VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC (LTU)00:00
18:00CASCADA – HC Garliava SM (LTU)SK Latgols (LAT)00:00
10:00VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC (LTU)Kaunas Žalgiris (LTU)00:00
12:00CASCADA – HC Garliava SM (LTU)REIR/Dobele SS (LAT)00:00
14:00SK Latgols (LAT)Vilnius Eglė (LTU)00:00

Photo credit: Dace Eihvalde/Latvian Handball Federation