Dicken won two points in the game against Mistra

January 21, 2024

GrIFK Climbs to Second Place in Rankings Ahead of Final Tournament

Today there was a clash in the Women’s Baltic Sea league between Estonia and Finland. Mistra and Dicken went against each other in Raasiku Sports hall. After this, there will be one game in Estonia next Saturday and then the first historic season will conclude in Lithuania at the end of March. 

With the help of scoring and good passing from Malena Heikkinen Dicken took an early 9:4 lead in the game. But then Mistra improved their defense and rallied back to 9:9 by the 21st minute. The ending of the half still belonged to the Finns, who succeeded in making a lot of fast breaks and took a 18:11 lead to the break. 

In the beginning of the second half Mistra had real struggles scoring and their first goal was thrown by Karmen Vaiksaar at the 9th minute. Dicken continued running fast breaks and took a 30:12 lead at the 43rd minute. Finns dominated until the end and took a firm 40:20 win

The best player for Estonia was Karmen Vaiksaar, who was also their top scorer with seven goals. “We started the game great, but then made too many unforced errors and the Finnish team punished each and every one of them.”

The MVP for Dicken was Malena Heikkinen, who also scored seven times. “Although we started with too many technical mistakes, our goalkeepers and team spirit let us keep the tempo up and we could take a firm victory today.”

Dicken now shares the second place in the Baltic Sea league with Cascada. The leaders are VMSM Sostines. Mistra is holding on to the seventh place. 

The next games in the Baltic Sea League:

20.01 15:00 Raasiku Sports hall Dicken – Mistra 40:20

27.01 15:00 Aruküla Sports hall GrIFK – Mistra 

Photo: Dicken(red) and Mistra(blue) met in the Baltic Sea League (Credit: Joonas Kuuskla/Eesti Käsipalliliit)