GrIFK Climbs to Second Place in Rankings Ahead of Final Tournament

January 27, 2024

GrIFK Climbs to Second Place in Rankings Ahead of Final Tournament

Before this weekend, the Women’s Baltic Sea Handball League had completed 23 fixtures in its inaugural season. The weekend’s matchups marked the final clashes before the eagerly anticipated tournament finale in Lithuania, scheduled for the end of March. Among the contests, Estonian squad Mistra squared off against Finnish contenders GrIFK today. 

GrIFK dominated the game from the outset, unleashing a relentless barrage of goals that left their opponents reeling. Within a mere seven minutes, they had already notched up an impressive seven goals, leaving Mistra scrambling to keep up. Because of the Finnish goalkeeper’s valiant efforts with some notable saves, GrIFK’s offensive prowess proved insurmountable. By the midpoint of the first half, GrIFK had surged ahead to a commanding 13-3 lead. While Mistra managed to find the back of the net a few times thereafter, their efforts were insufficient to close the growing gap. As the halftime whistle blew, Mistra found themselves trailing by a staggering 8-22 margin.

Estonia came out strong in the first half, displaying a marked improvement over their previous performance. Buoyed by the scoring prowess of Karmen Vaiksaar, they managed to keep the deficit from widening significantly. Despite Mistra’s intensified efforts as the game progressed, GrIFK maintained their dominance and ultimately clinched a commanding victory. With this triumph, GrIFK carries the momentum back to their home country, leaving Mistra to regroup and strategize for future encounters.

Following a dominant display on the court, Louise Heinonen emerged as the standout performer for GrIFK, clinching the title of the day’s top player with an impressive eight-goal haul. Reflecting on their team’s stellar performance, Heinonen credited their solid defense and relentless pace, which facilitated numerous swift counterattacks yielding easy goals. Expressing enthusiasm for their return to the Baltic Sea League action, Heinonen emphasized the team’s unity and resolve as they look ahead to the final tournament, vowing to give their all for a favorable outcome.

Meanwhile, Mistra’s Kim-Ly Hoang was hailed as the Most Valuable Player, while Jennifer Mednikova showcased her scoring prowess with eight goals. However, Mistra’s Janeli Laasik, an experienced line player, conceded that their opponents had outpaced them and capitalized on technical errors, particularly exploiting the wings to devastating effect. Laasik’s candid assessment underscores Mistra’s determination to address their shortcomings as they prepare for future challenges.”

The dominance of Lithuanian and Finnish clubs is evident in the league standings, with these teams securing the top six positions. Currently leading the pack is Lithuania’s VMSM-Sostines Tauras, closely followed by Dicken, GrIFK, and HC Garliava, all trailing by a mere two points. Meanwhile, Estonian representatives find themselves in the seventh position. As the competition unfolds, varying point differentials and game counts promise an exhilarating buildup to the final tournament.

Women´s Baltic Sea league game this weekend:

27.01 15:00 Aruküla Sportshall GrIFK – Mistra

Pildil: GrIFK (green) took two points from Estonia(red) (Photo: Joonas Kuuskla/Estonian Handball Association)