Matchweek 2: Vilnius Egle, Sostines tauras & HC Garliava victorious three days in row

January 14, 2024

GrIFK Climbs to Second Place in Rankings Ahead of Final Tournament

The second matchweek of women’s Baltic Sea Handball League in Dobele has come to an end. In three days all four Lithuanian teams secured victories against Latvian teams, but three teams remained unbeaten: Vilnius Egle, VMSM Sostines tauras and CASCADA-HC Garliava SM.

– VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC – Kaunas Žalgiris 37:31 (22:12)

“Our game was not great. I expected a lot more from my team, because we had mistakes. The start of the game was really rocky, but the second half was more of a success, we had our goals. Overall, the game was pretty good, we will learn and be better next time,” comments the best player of team Kaunas Žalgiris, Samanta Dunkulytė.

Best player of the winner team VMSM Sostines tauras, Singrida Kulikovaitė: “We had trouble at the beginning of the game, and we made mistakes in defense. It was a setback for us. I am happy we won. I think we are stepping further and learning from our mistakes. I hope that the next game is even better for us.”

MVPs: Singrida Kulikovaitė (VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC) and Samanta Dunkulytė (Kaunas Žalgiris) 

Best scorers:
VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC – D. Andronik 9, Pilikauskaitė 9, Stanelytė 6, Kulikovaitė 5, Verbovik 4, Agosta 2, A. Andronik 2
Kaunas Žalgiris – Rupeikaitė 7, Dunkulytė 7, Šidlauskytė 6, Gudlinkytė 3, Čekoulytė 3, Vėgėlytė 2, Jurkevičiūtė 1, Selivončikaitė 1, Baležentytė 1

– CASCADA-HC Garliava SM – REIR/Dobele SS 42:31 (21:16)

Goalkeeper and best player of the match from team REIR/Dobele SS, Krista Kacina: “Initially, I want to say that this is a great opportunity. We are able to see how teams from other countries play. Today the start of the game was not easy but we pulled ourselves together. We were fighting to the end and did not give up. From my perspective, these games show how strong we are and how good we play as a team.”

MVPs: Mantė Voskresenskaja (CASCADA-HC Garliava SM) and Krista Kacina (REIR/Dobele SS)

Best scorers:
CASCADA-HC Garliava SM –
Sparniauskaitė 11, Voskresenskaja 9, Ustilaitė 4, Bernackaitė 4, Aglinskaitė 4, Jakubauskaitė 3, Rimkūnaitė 3, Ustilaitė 2, Pilypaitė 2
REIR/Dobele SS – Bilkšte 8, Kaņepe 6, Dumfa 3, Koņušeka 3, Taujēna 2, Blažēvica 2, Reinfelde 2, Krodziniece 1, Egle 1, Buivide 1, Virubka 1, Šteinerte 1

– SK Latgols – Vilnius Egle 26:43 (10:24)

“Our strenght was team work – we played good and had a good defense and that is why we got the goal difference,” commented the best player of team Vilnius Egle, Beatričė Ruseckaitė.

MVPs: Arīna Zaharāne (SK Latgols) and Beatričė Ruseckaitė (Vilnius Egle)

Best scorers:
SK Latgols – Bindemane 4, Zaharāne 4, Rutkovska 4, M. Cibuļska 4, Kaupuža 2, P. Cibuļska 2, Dergačeva 1, Sidorova 1, Boroduļina 1, Batņa 1, Krole 1, Ziediņa 1
Vilnius Egle – Ruseckaitė 10, Rakauskienė 9, Sadauskaitė 8, Nievaitė 7, Burbaitė 3, Rimkutė 2, Makovskytė 2, Navikaitė

Date/TimeTeam ATeam BResult
18:00Vilnius Eglė (LTU)REIR/Dobele SS (LAT)37:21
18:00CASCADA – HC Garliava SM (LTU)Kaunas Žalgiris (LTU)33:29
20:00SK Latgols (LAT)VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC (LTU)19:28
14:00Kaunas Žalgiris (LTU)Vilnius Eglė (LTU)23:35
16:00REIR/Dobele SS (LAT)VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC (LTU)26:40
18:00CASCADA – HC Garliava SM (LTU)SK Latgols (LAT)41:24
10:00VMSM Sostinės tauras-VHC (LTU)Kaunas Žalgiris (LTU)37:31
12:00CASCADA – HC Garliava SM (LTU)REIR/Dobele SS (LAT)42:31
14:00SK Latgols (LAT)Vilnius Eglė (LTU)26:43

Photo credit: Dace Eihvalde/Latvian Handball Federation