Šviesa Coach: I Am Glad That We Will Represent Lithuania in the Final Four

March 27, 2023

Šviesa Coach: I Am Glad That We Will Represent Lithuania in the Final Four

There are four contenders left for the champion title in the Baltic Handball League. Two clubs from Estonia and one each from Latvia and Lithuania are among the top four BHL teams. The final four tournament will take place on April 15-16.

VHC Šviesa reached the final four as in the last season. VHC Šviesa won both quarter-final matches againts Mistra.

Mistra – VHC Šviesa 27:31 (15:14) AGG: 52:67
Mistra – Aus 5, Nerut 5, Kopli 5, Orlovskyi 4.
VHC Šviesa – Rasakevičius 6, Drabavičius 6, Urvikis 5, Plėta 5.

Žygimantas Sinkevičius (coach, VHC Šviesa):
The aggregate score of the two matches does not really reflect the Mistra team’s capacity. The victory was secured thanks to a good analysis of the opponents, which was a great help in the first quarter-final match. We left no chance for our opponents in that match. In the second leg, determination and physicality allowed us to win. Our opponents got tired and we won the away match. I am glad that we will represent Lithuania in the final four of the Baltic League.

Armis Priskus (goalkeeper, Mistra):
We expected to win. But it is very difficult to catch up when your opponents have an 11-goal lead. We maintained a high tempo, but we made mistakes in passing. We did not make good use of the chances that we had created for ourselves. There are some pluses to be found in our play. We played well, but we lost the initiative at the end of the game and suffered a defeat.

Tadas Rasakevičius (player, VHC Šviesa):
The second leg was not good. If I had to give the team a mark, it would be seven out of ten. In the first half, we made a lot of mistakes in attack. Our defence was pretty good, but it was hard to defend when all seven of them attacked. We came to Estonia with an 11-goal lead, so it was easier to play in the second leg. We are delighted with the win and our ticket to the final four.

VHC Šviesa will meet Pölva Serviti in the semi-finals. Last season VHC Šviesa lost to Pölva Serviti in the semi-finals 26:27. The other semi-final pair is Viljandi HC and ZRHK TENAX Dobele.

Video Mistra – VHC Šviesa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBOoaf01WRs