The Grand Finale of BHL: who will lift the trophy?

April 22, 2022

The Grand Finale of BHL: who will lift the trophy?

The Baltic Handball League (BHL) has reached the Final Four, a moment of critical duels. The Final Four of the BHL season 2021/22 will be held in Viljandi, Estonia. It is a memorable occasion for the people of Viljandi, whose team, Viljandi HC, will compete for the coveted crown as well.

In the Final Four, two Estonian and two Lithuanian teams will battle for the title. The Estonian teams are regular-season champions Viljandi HC and runner-up Polva Serviti. Lithuania will be represented by VHC Sviesa, and Dragunas Klaipeda, the current Baltic League champions. Both Lithuanian clubs advanced to the semi-finals after the quarter-finals.

SF1 | Viljandi HC – HC Dragunas Klaipeda

Marko Koks (Viljandi):

It’s the first time in our history to be in F4 and also to organise it. Anyway, we want a good result from the weekend. We hope that the home crowd will be in the hall and will be the eighth player for us.

Gintaras Cibulskis (Dragunas):

We had two weeks to get ready. We’ll see if we’ve prepared enough. To begin, we’d want to congratulate ourselves for reaching the Final Four. The Final Four is a celebration of the entire Baltic League, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We’re traveling as reigning champs with one goal in mind: to defend our crown. To be honest, we’d be content with any set of medals in any color. We’ll see how things go pretty shortly.


DateLeagueHome teamResultAway team
06.03.22Baltic Handball LeagueViljandi29:22Dragunas
25.09.21Baltic Handball LeagueDragunas23:27Viljandi
03.04.21Baltic Handball LeagueViljandi31:21Dragunas
27.09.20Baltic Handball LeagueDragunas39:30Viljandi
20.01.18Baltic Handball LeagueDragunas29:26Viljandi

SF2 | Polva Serviti – VHC Sviesa Vilnius

Kalmer Musting (Polva):

We gathered a lot of positive energy from our difficult win against HC Tallinn in the domestic league this week. Since the beginning of the week, it has been seen in the training that men are fully focused and full of will. Our goal is not a secret, no team will come to the final four to win third place, all teams want to lift the trophy.

Our opponent is a typical Lithuanian team – they are strong individually and they have their own leaders in the likes of Valdas Drabavicius and Tadas Rasakevicius. We will expect a tough battle. Victories with a margin of six goals in the main round do not matter anymore. Although we will be playing on a neutral court, I hope to see a large number of Polva supporters.

Zygimantas Sinkevicius (Sviesa):

This season is not going the way we wanted, but we have everything in our hands. We’re in the BHL Final Four and we’re going to fight for the top honours, which we’re very happy about. We’re going into the final round of the tournament with a full squad, healthy and focused.

Polva is the favourite this season. The core of the team hasn’t changed for years, they are a fast, organised handball team. It is going to be a very difficult semi-final. But I think we are ready for it.


DateLeagueHome teamResultAway team
05.02.22Baltic Handball LeaguePolva32:26VHC Sviesa
05.09.21Baltic Handball LeagueVHC Sviesa23:29Polva
04.04.21Baltic Handball LeagueVHC Sviesa31:28Polva
27.09.20Baltic Handball LeaguePolva26:30VHC Sviesa
22.01.17Baltic Handball LeaguePolva27:26VHC Sviesa