The League’s Top-Scoring Teams Will Meet in Estonia, the Latvian Teams Will Visit Lithuania

January 12, 2023

The League’s Top-Scoring Teams Will Meet in Estonia, the Latvian Teams Will Visit Lithuania

The BHL regular season resumes after the holiday break. There will be 8 matches in Lithuania and Estonia this weekend. In Group A, the Lithuanian clubs Granitas Kaunas and Dragūnas Klaipėda will play at home against the Latvian clubs HC Ogre/HYDROX and ASK Zemessardze. In Group B, the group leader Pölva Serviti club will face serious challenges. Pölva Serviti will meet the second-placed Šviesa Vilnius team on Saturday and the third-placed SK Tapa/N.R Energy team on Sunday.


Pölva Serviti, who won all 6 matches, will play at home against the second-placed VHC Šviesa. The club from Vilnius is 3 points behind the leaders. The Estonian champion Pölva Serviti and the Lithuanian champion VHC Šviesa are the top-scoring teams in the BHL. Pölva Serviti scored 225 goals and VHC Šviesa scored 194 goals in 6 matches. Pölva Serviti won the first head-to-head match in Lithuania with the result of 45:33.

VHC Šviesa – Pölva Serviti match in Varėna

Kalmer Musting (coach, Pölva Serviti):

Our first match against Šviesa was interesting and high level. The first half was a very tough fight. We managed to gain the upper hand only in the second half. The team from Vilnius is strong and plays fast handball. It will be a good, exciting match for the spectators. We are the leaders of the group, so we can afford to make a mistake once. But we still have our match against Tapa on Sunday, so a good challenge awaits us this weekend.

Žygimantas Sinkevičius (coach, VHC Šviesa):

Only with a win against the Polva team do we still have a chance of becoming the winners of the group. Polva is a very strong team and all their player lines are strong. Our strengths are fast attack and counter-attacks. In order to win, you need to play good defence and counter-attack quickly. We will aim to finish the regular season as high as possible in the group. But it will be very difficult to catch up with the Polva team. Polva is the favourite not only in the group but also in the whole league.

Pölva Serviti coach Kalmer Musting

Kalmer Musting (coach, Pölva Serviti):

I do not agree that Polva is the favourite. We are just one of the favourites. Many teams have a chance of winning the champion title. These include the current champion, the Viljandi club, as well as Šviesa. The chances of winning of the Tapa, Mistra and Dobele clubs cannot be written off either. It is still the middle of the season. The champion will not be decided until the spring.