Two Estonian teams in lead after this week

September 26, 2021

Two Estonian teams in lead after this week

Two teams remain unbeaten this week – Põlva Serviti (4/0) and HC Viljandi (3/0). Great weekend for HC Viljandi who won two champion teams – HC Dragunas (BHL champions) and ZRHK Tenax Dobele (Latvian champions). Põlva Serviti secured two safe and convincing victories against two Lithuanian teams – Granitas/Karys and Varsa Stronglasas. One more team from Estonia – Rassiku/Mistra (2/2) came home from Latvia with two victories, against SK Latgols Ludza and HK Ogre, in their pocket.

HK Ogre – Raasiku/Mistra            30:37 (15:17)
First half of the game was played even and Rassiku got some slight advantage – 15:17. On the second half of the game Raasiku/Mistra slowly, but steady continued to increase their lead. Result of the game 30:37 Rassiku/Mistra.

Andris Molotanovs, coach of HK Ogre
“Overall, the game was good. I think the opponent was very focused on this game, they did a little bit better than us and they played well both in attack and defense. In Rassiku/Mistra there are quite a few professional players who take the game very seriously. Our game was good at the start. I think very high quality and watchable handball. From the very beginning, luck was not with us today. There were several situations where the fact of luck worked in favor of the opponent. There is room to develop and to grow, but we are looking forward. Next week we have two games in Estonia.”

Best scorers:
HK Ogre
– Lielais 8, Haisa 6, Patsykailik 6, Lazdiņš 3, Leja 3, Rutka 3, Sļusarevs 1
Raasiku/ Mistra – Nerut 9, Slastinovski 6, Naumenko 4, Aus 4, Sokorovich 4, Kopli 3, Vare 3 , Annula 2, Kalvet 1

HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper – Granitas/Karys Kaunas      26:27 (15:13)
Granitas started the game a little bit better and got some lead in first 20 minutes (7:10). HC Kehra performed great comeback and overtook the lead before the end signal of first 30 minutes – 15:13. On the second half HC Kehra managed to have five goal lead, but injuries and missed shots did not allow them to keep it that way. Granitas/Karys used that and won the game – 27:26.

Mart Raudsepp, Coach of KC Kehra
“We did not have power for last 15 minutes, also two players got injured and we needed to substitute them. We don’t have the information about the injuries, but it looks nothing very serious. We hope so. No luck and bad shooting from 6 meters were also our problems today. But overall good game for fans – with a lot of emotions.”

Best scorers:
HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper  –
Guimanov 8, Seermann 4, Mamporia 3, Yankovski 3, Kreegimaa 3, Barouski 2, Vilks 2, Normak 1
Granitas/Karys Kaunas – Jovaišas 10, Šarkauskas 4, Gurskis 3, Lazauskas 3, Kairys 2, Dambrauskas 2, Feoktistovas 1, Monvilas 1, Jurkevičius 1

HC Dragunas Klaipeda – SK Tapa               40:32 (21:17)
Today HC Dragunas started good and did not want to repeat yesterday’s scenario.  They succeeded and already first half of game ended with comfortable lead – 21:17. On the second half they continued to play their game as planned and managed to run away from opponents a little bit more. End of game result – 40:32.

Gintaras Cibulskis, coach of HC Dragunas Klaipeda
“Today we played much better as yesterday. We had two times more fast-breaks and easy points. Our wing players played much better today, they got around 15 passes, yesterday they got just one shot, today 10. We still have a lot to improve, to be a better team, but I am happy about today, finally I saw smiles in players faces and it is good. Now we must prepare for next game against Dobele.”

Best scorers:
HC Dragunas Klaipeda – Juskenas 8, Simonavicius 8, Naghavualhosseini 7, Butkus 5, Hlushak 4, Draksas 4, Plakhotin 2, Lapiniauskas 1, Palskys 1
SK Tapa – Ageni 10, Morgenson 8, Kosmirak 4, Trofimov 3, Berezhnyi 3, Rattel 2, reinvert 1, Parve 1

ZRHK Tenax Dobele – HC Viljandi             22:24 (7:12)
HC Viljandi started the game very successfully and confidently. After 9 minutes, they were leading 6 – 1. In the first half of the game, HC Viljandi goalkeeper Rasmus Ots had an amazing game and he regularly saved his team from lost goals. After the first 30 minutes on the score board – 7:12. On the second half Dobele kept chasing HC Viljandi, they lost a lot of energy and that did not let them even out the game. HC Viljandi did an amazing job this weekend – won last season’s Baltic league champions and today also Latvian handball league champions with the score – 22:24.

Sandris Veršakovs, coach of ZRHK Tenax Dobele
“I haven’t looked at the statistics yet, but we had a very poor shot percentage and a lot of mistakes. 1:9 in the first 15 minutes of first half, which meant a very difficult return back to the game. After that we ‘chased’ HC Viljandi all game. We got a three goal difference few times, but again turnovers and missed shots did not let us stay in game. Although we lost, I want to praise the team for the fight, they did not give up until the last second. We fought like beasts, but this time the opponents were better. We will prepare further, next week against Klaipeda.”

Kristo Voika, player and coach of HC Viljandi
“Our goalkeeper today was absolutely on top level, he saved us a lot of times and that helped as a lot. Rasmums Ots was definitely the best player today. On the second half of the game in offensive we lost our confidence. It was win it or lose it until the last 30 seconds of game. We are a little bit happy that the game today was only 60 minutes, because Dobele got their confidence back at the end and they were coming only closer and closer. Luckily for us the time run out. It was a great weekend for us, we won Klaipeda and Dobele, it is a good start for us in BHL. But it is going to be long season and it does not show anything. Let’s see what happens in the future.”

Best scorers:
ZRHK Tenax Dobele –
Tuminskis 4, Arājs 4, Pančenko 3, Kurzemnieks 3, Politers 3, Miķelsons 2, Juzups 2, Ērmansi 1
HC Viljandi – Maasalu 5, Variik 5, Koks 4, Lopp 4, Voika 3, Koovit 2, Pertelson 1

Põlva Serviti – Varsa Stronglasas              31:20 (15:10)
Põlva Serviti secures their fourth win in four games. The team is showing great performance this season, they have started very well. And also Lithuanian team Varsa Stronglasas was unable to find ‘weapons’ against this team.

Ülljo Pihus, player of Põlva Serviti
“Another great win. There were some moments in the second half when we lost our heads for a moment, but we recovered well. Good effort from our defense once again. In overall wonderful weekend. Managed to secure four points, which is the most important.”

Best scorers
Põlva Serviti
Sillaste 6,Oberg 4, Rebane 4, Chezlov 3, Pihus 3, Hiiend 3, Sarapuu 2, Uibo 2, Kase 1, Muuga 1, Rudissaar 1, Varul 1
Varsa Stronglasas – Buronko 9, Čepulis 4, Adamkevičius 2, Tumasonis 2, Petrušauskas 1, Civinskas 1, Eidukonis 1