Two teams unbeaten, two tense end of games

October 9, 2021

Two teams unbeaten, two tense end of games

After today Põlva Serviti and Viljandi HC still stays perfect, with wins against HK Ogre and Granitas-Karys. We experienced also few thriller games – HC Dragunas Klaipeda won by one goal another Lithuanian team – HC Vilnius and ZRHK Tenax Dobele played a draw against VHC Šviesa.

HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper – SK Latgols Ludza            39:22 (22:13)
First nine minute the game was even (5:4), after that HC Kehra took a 13:3 breakthrough and achieved 18:7. After first 30 minutes – 22:13. On the second half HC Kehra continued to increase the difference in result and had a safe and quite easy victory – 39:22.

Andrejs Narņickis, coach of SK Latgols
“We gained experience again. We had enough energy and power only for first 10 minutes in each half time. After that, everything turned upside down and we started to make stupid technical mistakes in the attack and we did not ‘catch up’ the opponent in the defense, for which we were greatly punished with 2 minutes – suspension. We need to improve our physical condition.”

Mart Raudsepp, coach of HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper
„It maybe looked easy, but the game was not easy, we got to play our youngsters and some of them showed good game, but still we need to improve a lot and erase easy mistakes we make. Overall I am happy about the win and praise the boys.“

Best scorers:
HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper – Guimanov 11, Soikka 8, Seermann 5, Kreegimaa 4, Barouski 3, Mamporia 2, Vilks 2, Benstrom 2, Normak 1
SK Latgols Ludza – Matvejenko 8, Grebeņņikovs 4, Lipskis 3, Strazds 2, Seņkāns 1, Skovna 1, Malahovs 1, Mikijanskis 1, Rozenbergs 1

Varsa-Stronglasas Alytus – SK Tapa      33:32 (17:16)
SK Tapa started the game better and were leading by 2-4 goals almost all first half of the game. In the last seconds of the first half leader change happened and Varsa Stronglasas achieved 17:16. At the second 30 minutes the game was like roller-coaster, where at the end Varsa Stronglasas reached the goal and won the game – 33:32.

Eugenijus Gimbutas, coach of Varsa-Stronglasas Alytus
“Today played two equal opponents, the Estonians are a fast team, we had a big problem with their goalkeeper, who played great. At the end of the game we had more success and we won, which we are very happy about”

Aron Jaanis, coach of SK Tapa
“We lost the second game in a row due to lack of experience. We are young, hot-blooded guys, we made the wrong decisions on the field, instead of playing calmly and confidently, we rushed somewhere. We lost only because of our mistakes, the other team was more ready for this game and won deservedly. There was desire, there was strength, we had everything, but there was a lack of wisdom.”

Vahur Oolup, player of SK Tapa
“We started the game very well but the other team still managed to keep the game even. The second half was played point by point and we were ahead with 3 points with 4 minutes to go. But as usual with Lithuanian teams they fight until the end and this was also the case this time. Overall the game was okay, but we can still improve on all aspects. Also toward the end of the game we were robbed from very important points. From here we only move forward!”

Best scorers:
Varsa-Stronglasas Alytus
Buronko 10, Eidukonis 9, Stankevicius 6, Adamkevičius 3, Babarskas 2, Lastauskas 2, Čepulis 1
SK Tapa Ageni 9, Kosmirak 8, Oolup 7, Reivart 2, Rattel 2, Jaanis 2, Vassiljuk 1, Morgenson 1

HC Vilnius – HC Dragunas Klaipeda         29:30 (17:16)
Lithuanian derby was a very interesting game, which was played point by point and any team did not secure more than two point lead during the game. 33 second before the end of game HC Dragunas took a team time-out and used the chance to score last point in this game, which led to the end result – 30:29.

Robertas Skobas, player of HC Vilnius
“We rate the match badly, we could not play like that. Two of our leaders M. Žala and M. Lapinskas were not able to play, but it isn’t an excuse that we played this game so bad. Our problem at the end was, that ee relied too much on one player and defended poorly.”

Tomas Drakšas, player of HC Dragunas Klaipeda
„It was a good and tense game, I think our team lacked a defensive wall, we missed a lot of goals, but we got it right in attack and we won.”

Best scorers:
HC Vilnius – Drevinskas 12, Urbonas 8, Markaitis 3, Petronis 3, Valiušis 1, Milaknsi 1, Raudonius 1
HC Dragunas Klaipeda – Draksas 8, Lapiniauskas 7, Simonavicius 3, Naghavialhosseini 3, Palskys 3, Plakhotin 3, Butkus 2, Savicius 1

VHC Šviesa – ZRHK Tenax Dobele             28:28 (14:16).
One more interesting and intense game tonight was played in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Both teams started good and only in last few minutes of first period ZRHK Tenax Dobele reached two goal lead – 16:14. The second half of the game was nothing but a nerve test for both coaches and players. In last 43 seconds happened a lot – two-minute suspension to ZRHK Tenax Dobele, 7m shot saved by ZRHK Tenax Dobele goalkeeper – Mārtiņš Ozoliņš, missed shot for VHC Šviesa and at the end of game – 28:28.

Eimantas Sinkevičius, player of VHC Šviesa
“The match was tough. ZRHK Tenax Dobele player Nils Mikelsons was the biggest problem for us. He played very well with the line player. We got stuck in Dobele’s defense, we didn’t attack, we did many mistakes, and after our mistakes the opponents scored goals. The main focus before the match was to stop the Dobeles line player and their Mikelsons. For me personally, the hardest part was attack their goalkeeper.”

Sandris Veršakovs, coach of ZRHK Tenax Dobele
“It was a difficult game with a neutral result, we still have not played any game with full line-up, for various reasons several players cannot help us. Maybe we missed experienced substitutions today, we arrived with 14 people, with many young players in the team, who today had a great experience in such a tense game. We made a lot of mistakes in both the attack and the defense, we hastened important shots, so this time a draw, but also a point has to be won, we fought, but this time we did not win. Let’s prepare for tomorrow’s game, correct our mistakes and hope for a positive result. “

Nils Aivis Miķelsons, player of Tenax Dobele
“It is obvious that we wanted to win, but VHC Šviesa gave us a good fight. It was back and forth – we led, they led, and at the end it is fair result, that it is draw. We are going to keep our heads up and tomorrow is a new day, a new game. Before the game we talked about how aggressive we have to play in defense, that we have to be prepared that they are going to play aggressive. And that what’s happened both teams played good in defense and patiently on attack. We could play better in one on one defense, but we did a good job with helping out our goalkeeper, but overall we could play better.”

VHC Šviesa – Sinkevičius 7, Drabavičius 5, Bernatavičius 5, Pleta 4, Ugianskis 4, Švilpa 2, Markiavičius 1
ZRHK Tenax Dobele – Miķelsons 9, Pančenko 7, Politers 7, Arājs 2, Ērmanis 1, Krastiņš 1, Tuminksis 1

Granitas-Karys Kaunas – Viljandi HC       21:31 (8:12)
Viljandi HC started with a breakthrough – 4:1, but Granitas-Karys got the game back on track and after 20 minutes played, were leading – 8:7. Next 10 minutes of the game were more on Viljandi HC side and first period they finished with a safe lead – 12:8. On the second half Viljandi HC continued to increase their lead and nothing could stop them from one more victory, sixth in the row – 31:21.

Kristo Voika, player and coach of Viljandi HC
“It was a tough game, again. Long bus drive here and we started the game quite evenly and the first half was totally even, On the second half we started to play a little bit and that is where we got our success today. We played well in defense, our goalkeeper helped us and at the end we got to use all our players who was with us today. All in all, it was a great game, we fought, we played like a team and the spirit was really good. We are happy that we won, now we are getting some rest and try to win tomorrow again.”

Best scorers
Granitas-Karys Kaunas
Lazauskas 3, Šarkauskas 3, Kairys 3, Monvilas 3, Jurkevičius 2, Tomkevičius 2, Pijus 2, Dambrauskas 1, Zeringis 1, Giedraitis 1
Viljandi HC – Koks H., 9, Varik O., 5, Voika 5, Varik M., 3, Ruut 3, Pertelson 2, Drogin 2, Koovit 1, Basarab 1

Põlva Serviti – HC Ogre     37:28 (19:15)
Although two teams with different results in this season were playing against each other, HK Ogre showed some good performance, especially on the first half of game. After 30 minutes – 19:15 Põlva Serviti leading. In the second half of the game Estonians slowly, but steady increased their lead and secured their sixth victory in this season. End result – 37:28.

Ülljo Pihus, player of Põlva Serviti
“In the first half our defense was little bit rusty. We conceded few goals too many. During the second half we tightened our defense and managed to secure another good win. Everyone got their minutes and rotation was one of the keys to our victory.”

Andris Molotanovs, coach of HC Ogre
“Today we played well in the first half, we didn’t let the opponents get far away, they took the lead, but we kept the game alive. We changed the game tactics, tried to “catch” Põlva, also our goalkeepers helped us and saved us few times, so it was much easier to play. In the second half, we did not score our shots. We have to play more accurately in the attack and we must definitely improve our defense. There are situations where we have to play more rudely, harder. Opponents did not pity us today, playing on such a dubious margin of foul, this is a good lesson for us that in BHL we must play more aggressively, on the verge of foul. We are already moving towards Tallinn, we have to rest, tomorrow we will have a game against HC Kehra. I think it will be a completely different game, let’s take what succeeded, but leave in Põlva what failed. With new emotions and more powerful fighting force, we have to fight for points in Kehra sports hall.”

Best scorers
Põlva Serviti – Rudissaar 8, Kase 7, Chezlov 5, Pihus 4, Sillaste 3, Sarapuu 2, Muuga 2, Hiiend 2, Saksing 1, Varusk 1, Meiksans 1, Varul 1
HC Ogre – Leja 7, Haisa 6, Lielais 4, Čikuts 3, Lzdiņš 3, Patsykailik 2, Rutka 2, Bauze 1