October 10, 2021


What a colourful weekend. Viljandi HC and Põlva Serviti stays perfect after the 4th week of games – seven games and seven victories. HC Kehra won two games against Latvian teams. VHC Šviesa had an excellent weekend – they played a draw with ZRHK Tenax Dobele and won HC Dragunas Klaipeda. Unfortunately, due to the positive Covid – 19 case, game between HC Vilnius and ZRHK Tenax Dobele was cancelled.

HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper – HK Ogre            32:23 (16:11)
First 20 minutes of the game were quite even, after that HC Kehra took over the control and lead. On the break teams went with the result – 16:11. Second 30 minutes did not bring any changes and HC Kehra celebrated a convincing victory – 32:23.

Andris Molotanovs, coach of HK Ogre
“We were in a good mood and prepared for the game, it seemed that the game would be a little bit easier, we thought we could “bite” in Kehra and maybe at some point we were composing. The game was not easy, we fell on the fast attacks, this was not our most successful game – the realization of throws definitely. I think we are very similar teams, but in such 50:50 situations, decisions were made. Hospitality was not the case; we Latvians probably have to learn from neighbour countries. But, of course, this is not an excuse – we did not score our shots, we did not do it ourselves.”

Best scorers:HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper – Seermann 10. Gumianov 7, Mamporia 7, Kreegimaa 5, Barouski 2, Soikka 1
HK Ogre – Lielais 6, Haisa 5, Patsykailik 4, Lazdiņš 3, Leja 3, Rutka 1

Granitas-Karys Kaunas – SK Tapa      25:29 (11:11)
Lithuanians started a little bit better and took over the lead more than once at the first half of game, but Estonians managed to catch them and smoothen the result before the end signal of first half (11:11). In the second half, until the 40th minute of the game, the result grew gradually, but then SK Tapa put in the 5th speed and made a breakthrough – 7: 0 and achieved a self-favorable 24:17. It was enough to secure the victory until the end of game – 29:25

Vaidotas Grosas, coach of Granitas-Karys Kaunas
“Congratulation to SK Tapa team. About the game – we lost our rhythm, we made a lot of stupid mistake in attack, we lost easy balls and those mistake costed to us a lot – opponents scored fast and easy goals. We need to search and understand our mistakes and work on them to be better and better.”

Artur Morgenson, player of SK Tapa
 “We went into the game with victory on our minds and played very equally with the other team, also the referee gave out penalties/two minutes very well. In the second half we were smarter than yesterday and didn’t give up our lead. Everyone gave their maximum. Also our goalkeepers were amazing and helped us out a lot.”

Best scorers:
Granitas-Karys Kaunas Dambrauskas 5, Feoktistovas 4, Lazauskas 4, Šarkauskas 3, Kairys 3, Pijus 2, Monvilas 2, Tomkevičius 1, Zeringas 1
SK Tapa Ageni 11, Kosmirak 5, Morgenson 3, Oolup 3, Rattel 2, Jaanis 2, Vassiljuk 1, Lande 1, Himma 1

Varsa Stronglasas – Viljandi HC 25:31 (13:16)
The beginning of the game was equal and only after playing for more than 20 minutes, Viljandi HC managed to gain a small advantage,  closing the first half with a small advantage – 16:13. On the second half Viljandi HC did the job to ensure their 7th victory in seven games. End result – 31:25.

Eugenijus Gimbutas, coach of Varsa Stronglasas
“Today’s opponents were better than us, especially physically. They were faster, more skillful, and therefore lost, and the outcome is logical. At this point, the Estonian team is stronger than us. I think these two games showed perfectly what we need to work on, that we need to improve our physical condition and only then think about handball and performance in attack and defense.”

Marko Koks, coach of Viljandi HC
“We were a little bit tired today. We have had six weekends in a row with games. We did not get our speed, but in defense we were playing good all 60 minutes, and also in second 30 minutes we finally started to run and move as we wished. Today it was also mentally hard, because of tiredness. We still have a long season ahead of us, we had a little changes in our team and a few old players came back and it is good for us, for the team and for young players as well.”

Kristo Voika, player of Viljandi HC
“I think today was the toughest game so far for us in BHL. Alytus gave us really good fight until the end of the game. We played as team and fought till the end, that was the key to success. It is really amazing that we managed to get two more wins this weekend and I hope we can keep the level and concentration up.”

Best scorers:
Varsa Stronglasas – Eidukonis 8, Buronko 4, Lastauskas 2, Čepulis 2, Babarskas 2, Civinskas 2, Adamkevičius 1, Tumasonis 1, Petrušauskas 1, Grebiliūnas 1
Viljandi HC –  Koks H., 7, Voika 5, Basarab 4, Varik O., 4, Lopp 3, Pertelson 2, Varik M., 2, Ruut 1, Koovit 1, Drogin 1

HC Vilnius – ZRHK Tenax Dobele              
Game was canceled due to the positive Covid-19 case in HC Vilnius team.

VHC Šviesa – HC Dragunas Klaipeda        35:29 (18:18)
This game was expected to be interesting and it was like that. VHC Šviesa got some three goal lead in the first part of the game, but until the break it was a draw again – 18:18. HC Dragunas lost 7-0 in seven minutes and that led to the 33:27 in favor of VHC Šviesa three minutes before the end of the game. VHC Šviesa celebrated a victory with the result – 35:29.

Šarūnas Ugianskis, player of VHC Šviesa
“There was a tough fight both – yesterday and today. Up to 50 minutes we played goal to goal, then luckily we “run-away”. Dragunas players run out of strength, but we had a strength and power left. We let them score 18 goals in the first half, it is almost like we played without defense. And in the second half we let them score 12. In the second half, the biggest plus was that we played quite well in the defense. But still, there was a lot of chaos. Before the match, we talked about that we need to get back to the defense, because HC Dragunas plays very fast and if we don’t make it, Dragunas will punish us. And that happened today, their CB quickly scored goals.”

Danylo Hlushak, player of HC Dragunas
“Today, our opponent were much stronger than yesterday. Today we had a lot of mistakes in the defense and problems in the attack. We know where we have to improve our game. We talked before the match that we need to show the best game against the VHC Šviesa today, feel the joy of playing and win the match. In the second half, we made a lot of stupid mistakes in both – defense and attack. At the end of the second half, the players ran out of strength and the opponents took over the game.”

Best scorers
Granitas-Karys Kaunas
Ugianskas 8, Rasakevičius 7, Pleta 6, Drabavičius 4, Bernatavičius 3, Pukas 3, Antonovičius 2, Sinkevičius 1, Švilpa 1
Viljandi HC – Draksas 7, Butkus 6, Naghavialhosseini 5, Hlushak 3, Simonavicius 2, Lapiniauskas 2, Savicius 2, Palskys 1, Plakhotin 1

Põlva Serviti – SK Latgols     47:27 (24:16)
Game between one of the leaders and last place team – SK Latgols Ludza. There were no surprises. As Põlva Serviti started the game they did not give any chance to Latvians. Already on second half – 24:16. On the second half Põlva Serviti reached  not so usual score in handball – 47 goals.

Ülljo Pihus, player of Põlva Serviti
“It was fast paced game. We conceded too many goals in the first half and we weren’t happy with that.  Second half was much better. It was good opportunity to try different defense strategies. We got many fast breaks and managed to increase our lead. In the end quite high score and we are happy where we are in the table. Now we have to concentrate on EHF cup next week.”

Andrejs Narņickis, coach of SK Latgols Ludza
“Today was the first game when we approached 30 scored goals. We need to work very hard and improve our defense. Today we let the opponent score too many goals.”

Best scorers
Põlva Serviti
– Saksing 9, Varul 8, Rebane 7, Sarapuu 6, Kase 5, Meiksans 5, Rudissaar 3, Pihus 2, Veiko 2
SK Latgols –  Seņkāns 10, Malahovs 4, Lipskis 4, Matvejenko 3, Strazds 2, Grebeņņikovs 2, Skovna 1, Usāns 1