September 14, 2021


VHC ŠVIESA from Vilnius, Lithuania is one of the five Lithuanian teams participating in the Baltic Handball league. Last season VHC ŠVIESA ended very well in both championships they participated – first place or you may call it CHAMPIONS TITLE at domestic league – Lithuanian Handball Championship (Lietuvos rankinio lygos) and second place at Baltic Handball league. Asked about the goals in this season Žygimantas Sinkevicius, coach of VHC Šviesa, is cautious: “It’s hard to talk about goals at the beginning of the season. But we want to be where we were last season – Final 4 in Baltic Handball league and Final at Lietuvos rankinio lygos. It will be very difficult, but our team left only one player, I see no reason why we could not repeat it.”
About the pre-season, coach is satisfied: “The preparation for the season started on August 3. We dedicate almost two weeks to physical preparation. We also played in two tournaments where we played four matches in each.”

Last season at BHL – 2ND PLACE

Key players – Tadas Rasakevicius, Šarūnas Ugianskis, Skirmantas Pleta

How would you describe your team – Our team is really very funny. When we travel by bus from the back there is a lot of laughter and funny jokes. The team atmosphere at the time is amazing and we are really like family.

How do you motivate your team – We have several ways to motivate our men, but I will not tell you that. 🙂

Prediction game:who will win this season – It is very difficult to say who can win the Baltic League, the season is long and changeable. Among the favorites I would include Põlva Serviti and ZRHK Tenax Dobele teams.

Team roster

Nr. 1Domantas JonauškasGK
Nr. 2Rokas ŽiliukasPV
Nr. 3Modestas AdomenasRW
Nr. 4Taurintas MarkiavičiusLW
Nr. 5Eimantas SinkevičiusRB
Nr. 10Skirmantas PletaCB
Nr. 11Laurynas PalevičiusRW
Nr. 12Matas PranckevičiusGK
Nr. 13Tomas BernatavičiusLB/CB
Nr. 16Edmundas PeledaGK
Nr. 17Karolis AntonovičiusCB
Nr. 19Artūras ŠvilpaLW
Nr. 20Ignas JonuškaLW
Nr. 22Rosvaldas RamunisLB/CB
Nr. 31Šarūnas UgianskisCB/RB
Nr. 32Giedrius MorkūnasGK
Nr. 33Tadas RasakevičiusLW/CB
Nr. 34Karolis BliuvasCB
Nr. 35Valdas DrabavičiusRW/RB
Nr. 37Domantas PukasPV
Nr. 39Fathy MahmoudRB
Nr. 77Rytis PaškevičiusCB
Nr. 99Mantas UrvikisLW

Coach – Raimonads MALDŽIUS
Coach – Žygimantas SINKEVIČIUS
Coach – Darius ČIVILIS
Physio – Paulius RAKAUSKAS
Team manager – Ramūne MOTIEJŪNAITE

Homepage – https://vhc.lt
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/vhcsviesa/
Instagram – @vhc_sviesa