VHC Sviesa vs Dobele: who will make the Final Four?

April 1, 2022

VHC Sviesa vs Dobele: who will make the Final Four?

Another Final Four member will be determined on Saturday afternoon (April 2, 14:00). VHC Sviesa welcomes Latvia’s Tenax Dobele at home.

After the first match in Latvia, the Lithuanian club has a five-goal lead (32:27). Looking at the first match, VHC Sviesa controlled the game for all 60 minutes. The visitors got off to an impressive start, scoring nine goals in the first 13 minutes and conceding none. From Dobele’s perspective, the first half of the first period was difficult for them. ‘Our minus in this game is that we didn’t score,’ said Dobele’s team player Antons Šuleiko after the game. Although the home team had a difficult start, they got into the game and by the end of the first period, they had reduced the deficit to six goals (8:14). In the second period, things were very tight and the visiting team did not let go of the lead they had built up and celebrated the victory. ‘We had a bad start with 0:9. If we had started with 5:9 or 6:9, maybe we would have been hooked. We’ll see in a week’s time what the second match will be like,’ said Antons Šuleiko.

And that time has come. A week has passed, not much time to make big changes, but plenty of time to prepare and motivate the team for the crucial match.

Žygimantas Sinkevičius, the coach of VHC Sviesa, shared his thoughts before the return match: “It’s great that we have a 5-goal lead, but I would say that this lead doesn’t mean anything, we have to go out there and fight for the win. We can’t relax because Dobele is a very strong and experienced team. We will have to show good concentration and good energy on the court. We all understand the importance of the game and we want to be in the final four. I really encourage our fans to come and support us on Saturday!”

The quarter-final return match between Granitas Kaunas and Dragunas Klaipeda has been postponed till next week because of COVID cases in the Granitas team.